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Your baby, your breastfeeding journey.


Did you know that breastmilk is the perfect food for your baby? It is all that your baby needs to eat and drink for about the first 6 months, and will naturally help your little one against colds, tummy bugs, infections and allergies. Continue reading »

3 in-depth tips that aid baby and infant sleep


Sleep! We all love it, we all need it and we all thrive from it. But it’s not always easy to get when you’re a parent! I know this first hand as a mother, and as a postnatal educator experiencing sleep deprivation time and time again in my earlier career, as well as witnessing the effects of this on many parents. Continue reading »

Knowing your baby’s Six-Wind-Cues


All parents want to understand their baby, and I believe most parents encounter times when this can be an overwhelming task, especially in the first 3 to 4 months. Your head may be screaming WHAT? WHAT DO YOU NEED? As again you repeat the cycle of feeding, releasing a few burps, and trying to settle them to sleep. I know this scenario only to well as I too had times like this in my early career.

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Orzo and vegetables


A tiny, grainlike pasta, orzo (or risoni) is the perfect sized pasta for small children and babies.  Combined with vegetables, it makes a healthy and balanced meal.

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Baked kumara

kumara baby food

Kumara is easily freezable in ice cube trays and can be heated gently for a quick meal for your baby.  Bake a few at once and you’ll have meals on hand for a couple of weeks.

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Mashed banana

banana baby food

Rich in minerals such as phosphorus and potassium, and containing vitamins A, C and folate, bananas are a delicious, easy and portable first food for your baby.

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Mashed avocado

baby food avocado

With folate, niacin and vitamins A and C, avocados are a nutrient-rich first food for your baby.

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Phil & Teds Poppy high chair


Phil&teds have brought out a stylish new high chair that doubles as a toddler chair as well. The Poppy system is designed for 6 month olds to 5 year olds – when your child reaches toddlerhood, simply click it down for a great seat that can be used for eating or relaxing in. Your child can get in and out as they wish, or, click the tray in and they will be seated securely.

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Are you listening to your baby?


In my opinion growing great families comes down to communication and giving the small people space. From that comes trust, respect, a sense of being heard, being important and of being loved. Continue reading »

No-stir Pumpkin Risotto


The simplest risotto you’ve ever heard of!  Make your own nutritious chicken stock from chicken bones and vegetable off-cuts, then use it as a no or low-sodium alternative to ready-made or powdered stock.

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