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Warming the path to successful learning


I want the best for my children and want them to be the best they can be.

I suspect most, if not all, parents want this for their children. Continue reading »

Maybe I’ve done too much for my children?


I have been doing the ‘doing’ for my children for so long, they can’t see their own capacity and capability to be able to ‘do’. I’ve read the obligatory parenting books, completed the parenting courses, and developed the chore charts complete with often sought after rewards. Continue reading »

Celebrate the superhero in you


we-need-youHard-working superstar needed for world’s most important role.

Are you up to the challenge?

Applications open now.

Salary and conditions to be determined.

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Empowering our children


When I think about keeping my children safe the first thing that comes to mind is keeping them safe from other people. But how? I can’t wrap them up in cotton wool and keep them locked at home 24/7. Continue reading »

Growing great families is a dance


“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain”.

This could so apply to parenting couldn’t it? Parenting is a constant dance. Continue reading »

Top 10 Reasons to Welcome Kids in Church


Kids don’t belong everywhere. They’re not an orchestra’s target audience and the tense whispers of snooker commentators suggest that toddlers wouldn’t be welcome at tournament finals. But what about church services? Continue reading »

The keys to growing a great family


With my husband and I due to have our first child in approximately three weeks, the topic of growing a great family has become a key focus for me. Continue reading »

Optimum nutrition – how to eat the rainbow


Every day there’s a new report of yet another study telling us what we should or shouldn’t eat. With so many conflicting ideas working out the optimum nutrition for you and your family can be downright confusing! Continue reading »

Growing great families

growing great families

The last few weeks I’ve been working and playing a lot with families who have young children. Often the parent’s ask me questions along the lines of, “how can I make my child listen?” Or, “what can I do to stop the tantrums?” They often make comments about their children such as “they’re just so naughty” or “I’m worried that they’ll grow up bad”. Continue reading »

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