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Cecilia Robinson

Cecilia Robinson, founder of My Food Bag, and Au Pair Link, is one of New Zealand's most successful female CEOs. Cecilia's business awards include: 'Her Business Best New Business award' in 2009, 'Businesswoman of the Year 2012’, ‘Best SME 2012’ and 'Supreme Winner of the Woman of Influence Programme' in 2017.

Maintaining balance in busy families

Having a heart connection with your child

I still consider myself relatively new to “doing the mum thing”.  Like most mums (and dads, I suspect), ever since our little Thomas arrived, I’ve been obsessed with ensuring he’s happy, healthy and getting the best start in life.  With two busy working parents, I will happily admit it has been a challenge (and one that we’ve enjoyed) ensuring our family life is well-balanced and works for Tom.  Continue reading »

Cecilia Robinson on raising creative thinkers

Raising creative thinkers-Cecilia Robinson

My Food Bag’s Cecilia Robinson has used creative thinking to build multiple businesses, and become one of New Zealand’s most successful business women. Cecilia gives us her thoughts on raising creative thinkers.  Continue reading »

Tips for having a great relationship with your Au Pair

having a good relationship with your au pair

Our first Au Pair joined us from Germany when Tom was 6 months.  As the founders of Au Pair Link, we’d given some thought to the type of Au Pair we wanted, and eventually matched with an experienced childcare professional from Germany.  We really liked the idea of having someone that was older and more experienced when Tom was just an infant (nervous, novice parents that we were!). Continue reading »

Help over the holidays

Au Pair image

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner – that old familiar feeling is coming back… I think they call it madness. Not only do we need to wrap up a number of major projects at both My Food Bag and Au Pair Link, but we’re also planning on heading down to Hawkes Bay for the Christmas period before dashing back to Auckland to enjoy summer in the City of Sails. Continue reading »

Fun Parenting with preschoolers


My husband and I fit in the ‘crazy’ parent category. We’re constantly trying to find ways of making our son laugh and literally bending over backwards for one of his cheeky grins.  It’s going to sound corny, but to us, hearing our son laugh and smile puts a silver lining on every day. Continue reading »

What makes an active family?


Having a newborn really puts a lot of different things in perspective.  Upon the arrival of Tom, my husband and I began to think more seriously about our health.  We felt that it was more important than ever for us to be healthy and able – so we could enjoy a happy life with our son.  That got me thinking, what makes an active family? Continue reading »

Ideas to make changes at home easier to manage


We often think of change as something scary; something to be avoided at all costs in some cases!  Whether you are adjusting your child’s daily routine, testing a new childcare arrangement or dealing with a difficult situation – we often take a reactionary stance, resisting this fearsome threat to our day-to-day comforts (which, let’s admit, we’ve worked hard for!).

Continue reading »

What’s for dinner?


I love to cook.  Coming from a family of die-hard foodies, I’ve never had any problem finding people to cook for, but lately the issue has become: “what to cook?”  You can only go through so many terakihi and chips (Monday), spaghetti bolognaise (Tuesday), and butter chickens (Wednesday) before the 5pm groans begin to make themselves more audible. Let’s face it, as society has moved towards ‘convenience culture’, our creativity in the kitchen has suffered.  As our lives become busier, we’re spending more time at the desk, less time with the family and even less time thinking about what’s for dinner (good in some ways, not so good in others).  What used to be a time for the family to gather and socialise at the end of the day has, for many, become a staid and uninspiring woof-down before we settle into an evening of television (or more work!).

Continue reading »

Easing the transition back to school


Hi everyone,

I hope you have all had a fantastic summer break.  Funny how time flies – I just can’t believe we are already on the cusp of February!  It has been an absolutely bumper time here at Au Pair Link this past month.  With many parents heading back to work, we often find ourselves very busy around this time with families looking for an Au Pair to look after the kids. Continue reading »

Creating our own family traditions


I love Christmas – although I do still find it strange to celebrate it at the height of summer!  Being Swedish, I am used to a white Christmas – freezing cold outside, surrounded by family and enjoying a roaring fire.  However, I must say that after being here for a few years, I am enjoying the ability to celebrate the festive season in the sunshine. Continue reading »

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