Writers: Tracey Formosa

Tracey Formosa

Tracey is a full time Mum with two children, (one with special needs) and a part-time step-Mum to her husband’s three children. Being part of a blended family means some days are busy and filled with beautiful kiddie chaos and others are for just her and her gorgeous new husband. When Tracey is not running around striving to be super Mum, she is reading, researching and writing about step parenting, blended families or special needs.

Empowering our children


When I think about keeping my children safe the first thing that comes to mind is keeping them safe from other people. But how? I can’t wrap them up in cotton wool and keep them locked at home 24/7. Continue reading »

Happiness for parents with special needs

special needs

As a parent, happiness tends to be measured by your child’s happiness. All we want is for our kids to be happy and heathy, which makes us happy as their parent. Continue reading »

Parenting with your ex partner

Parenting with your ex

After separating one of the last things you think about is how you will manage the job of parenting with your ex partner! Continue reading »

Blended families: Can’t we all just get along?

taking resentment out of sibling relationships

One of the major challenges within your blended family will be how to bond your stepchildren with your own children. We all have that ideal fantasy, The Brady Bunch blended family: where at the end of the day, all of your children will love and respect each other. Continue reading »

How do you measure happiness?

How do you measure happiness?

To most people this might mean travel, career, money, success, so what does it mean to me? In my previous life, pre-children that is, I would have said, marriage, children and stability which I found by the time I was 30. Having a family was very important to me, as was being a Mum. I also felt it was important to follow the “right” steps, marriage, buy a house and then have children. I guess this may have been because I grew up in a single parent family. And I achieved this, success – married to a nice man and had 2 children. Continue reading »

Blended families and children with special needs

Blended families and children with special needs

Blended families are complicated. They always include drama from somewhere, whether it’s an adjusting child, a bitter ex, family court battles or child support, it’s all stressful and challenges your relationship from every angle. Continue reading »

What does it mean to be a step-Mum?

What does it mean to be a step-mum

Becoming a mum was the ultimate experience for me.  It was something I always knew I would love. I have a medical condition that made it difficult for me to conceive so both my babies felt like miracles. Still, I wondered if I would have enough love for them both, turns out it is automatic, unconditional love for them both equally. Continue reading »

Parenting together

parenting together

Blended, re-partnering, stepfamilies, whatever you want to call it, life can be pretty complicated when you and your partner have children from previous relationships. And when you finally decide to take the plunge and move into together chances are you will have a very busy and chaotic household! Continue reading »

Creating blended families

great kiwi families blended families

Welcome to my world of creating a blended family. My world of love, laugher, fun, stress, anxiety and chaos… This is me… A Wife, a Mother, a Step-Mother, an Ex-Wife and the “new” Wife.  Continue reading »

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