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Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson is a trained Well-Child Nurse with two little people of her own. She also runs Stroll Smart NZ and loves getting out and about with her buggy.

Get gardening this spring!


To use the old adage “Spring has Sprung”…well almost….it still feels a tad wintery around here in the Hutt Valley, but the Tui are out and the Kowhai tree is throwing its yellow flowers all over my lawn! This month I thought I would talk about getting your children involved with family gardening. The beauty of having a garden is that ANYONE can have one. Even those of you who live in small (or large) inner city apartments. All you need is a decent sized container for what you want to grow and somewhere with some light (preferably sunshine).  Continue reading »

Growing great families

growing great families

The last few weeks I’ve been working and playing a lot with families who have young children. Often the parent’s ask me questions along the lines of, “how can I make my child listen?” Or, “what can I do to stop the tantrums?” They often make comments about their children such as “they’re just so naughty” or “I’m worried that they’ll grow up bad”. Continue reading »

What is immunisation?


Throughout our lives, we’re exposed to many different germs which are potentially harmful to us. Some of these, like colds, are minor and our bodies can easily fight off. Others can be more harmful and immunisation is a way to minimise the likelihood of contracting these preventable diseases.

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Preparing your child for an immunisation


Many children (and parents) find immunisation visits are an easy and relatively pain-free experience. For some children (and parents) however, needles can be scary, especially on the first visit.

Children can easily tell when their parents are anxious and, as a parent, you need to be aware that your child will look to you for comfort and reassurance.

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Risks & complications of immunisations

Injection or Immunisation

All vaccines are thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe and work before they are licensed and used in the community. After being licensed vaccine safety continues to be monitored to ensure there are no extremely rare reactions that only occur when hundreds of thousands of doses have been given. This article explains common, uncommon and rare reactions to vaccines that have been identified through pre-licensing testing and ongoing safety monitoring.

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Keeping your kids healthy at school


“Ding ding ding” School’s in. Sigh. Back to grind for many of us. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday with loads of fun, laughter, food and whatever else that floats your boats. For some of us, this time of year is a blessing, having just had 6-8 weeks of entertaining kids day in and day out- school (in whatever form that takes) provides much needed rest for weary parental brains. Continue reading »

Immunisation schedule

Screenshot (114)

The National Immunisation Schedule is a series of free immunisation visits designed to provide your family with the best protection against vaccine-preventable diseases.  It is important to get immunised on time every time, as many of the vaccines need more than one dose to work best.

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Where to get immunised


This articles provides parents with a basic outline on where to get immunised and includes information on what to expect when your child is immunised. Continue reading »

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