Writers: Sarah La Touche

Sarah La Touche

A qualified clinical nutritionist with over 20 years of knowledge and experience based on nurturing, educating and inspiring people through food, Sarah La Touche is a member of The Clinical Nutrition Association and the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.

Optimum nutrition – how to eat the rainbow


Every day there’s a new report of yet another study telling us what we should or shouldn’t eat. With so many conflicting ideas working out the optimum nutrition for you and your family can be downright confusing! Continue reading »

Nutrition guidelines for preconception and healthy pregnancy

Nutrition guidelines for preconception and heathy pregnancy

For many women, preconception nutrition is not considered unless they have a related health issue or are consciously planning for a healthy pregnancy.    Once pregnant, focus is altered to planning for arrival of baby, so post-conception nutrition can be an afterthought, yet remains vitally important throughout pregnancy. Continue reading »

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