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9 Important Learning Areas to Teach Your 0-5 Year Old

important learning areas to teach to your 5 year old

The first, and most important, learning in a child’s life happens within the family. Children learn from the way people treat them and from what they see, hear and experience as soon as they are born. Find out more about the 9 important learning areas to teach 0-5 year olds. Continue reading »

Maybe I’ve done too much for my children?


I have been doing the ‘doing’ for my children for so long, they can’t see their own capacity and capability to be able to ‘do’. I’ve read the obligatory parenting books, completed the parenting courses, and developed the chore charts complete with often sought after rewards. Continue reading »

Learning in life, learning in the kitchen

Learning in Life

Learning is something that we humans are programmed to do. We arrive helpless and dependent but wired to acquire language, and anyone who’s ever lived with a toddler for more than five minutes will recognise the relentless desire to explore, touch, taste, and be amazed by life. Continue reading »

Thoughts on loving and learning in life

Learning in life





Without one there are none of the others. Our bodies, hearts and minds connect each of us to ourselves, others and the world through love, life and learning. We are living life fully when we embrace our natural urges to experience and engage in love and learning. Continue reading »

Treatment for children with sensory issues?

Helping kids with sensory issues

Children dealing with sensory issues can find everyday activities and situations challenging. Find out what treatments for children with sensory issues are available. Continue reading »

What are sensory issues? Helping to understand kids’ behaviour

Sensory problems

Sometimes children’s behaviour can be totally perplexing. Do you find yourself asking questions like: ‘What IS her problem with getting her face wet – can’t we just have one bath time without the hysterics?, or ‘Why does every visit to the mall end with an almighty meltdown?’ Some of these questions may also be familiar:

Continue reading »

There’s more to learning than assessments


At the end of last year I was eating lunch when my mobile rang. The voice on the other end explained very matter of factly that I had won The Breeze radio station’s competition and had 2 free return tickets to anywhere in Europe. I squealed and hyperventilated and tried to explain that leaving New Zealand for the first time made this a very exciting call to get. Continue reading »

Get a free trial from Kumon


Have your child join over four million students around the world who are experiencing the benefits of this unique method of learning. Over a two-week period, students will have the chance to learn through the Kumon Maths or English Programme and attend a Kumon Education Centre for four class days. Continue reading »

What does learning mean in your family?

iStock_000016466396XSmall baby and book_1

Have a quick read of this article by the Khan Academy (free internet learning) founder. While I agree with Khan’s premise that we should  acknowledge our children’s/students’/own learning efforts and struggles, there is also room for acknowledging their innate talents. Continue reading »

What’s the best learning environment for my child?

preschool education

Every year, more research comes out that enhances our understanding of children’s brain development, learning and attachments. There is no doubt that the first three years of a child’s life is the most significant time in their lives and that the experiences, both positive and negative, in this time shape a child’s future. A child’s brain goes from about 25% of adult size at birth to an amazing 80% at three years (Brainwave Trust, 2014). Continue reading »

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