Writers: Julie Mulcahy

Julie Mulcahy

Julie Mulcahy is married to Peter, a Primary School Principal and is descended from a long line of teachers. She has taught Years 4 through to Year 13, moved from country schools in Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Northland and spent the past 10 years in Auckland where works in a high school.

A fresh start: Advice for parents of Year 9 students


These early days of a new school years are really important for how our young people will learn to get the best out of their school year. Here is some advice for parents of Year 9 students who might be new to life at secondary school.¬† Continue reading »

Helping Your Teen Through the Tough Times

Proactive parenting

When our teens are going through a rough time it really is hard to think¬†about anything else. Sometimes nothing is actually said but their misery or¬†silence tells you they are suffering. Continue reading »

There’s more to learning than assessments


At the end of last year I was eating lunch when my mobile rang. The voice¬†on the other end explained very matter of factly that I had won The¬†Breeze radio station’s competition and had 2 free return tickets to¬†anywhere in Europe. I squealed and hyperventilated and tried to explain¬†that leaving New Zealand for the first time made this a very exciting call to get. Continue reading »

A guide to success at school – for everyone!

a guide to success at school for everyone

I thought I was dumb.¬†That university and a ‚Äėdream job‚Äô with a salary was for other people but not for me.¬†Until I learned about Mahatma Gandhi.¬†A peaceful man who believed in freedom and equal rights.¬†He lived a long time ago.¬†Just an ordinary man who changed his world. Continue reading »

Goal setting for students with learning difficulties


Moving to a new school is hard for any kid, but it’s especially tough for students with learning and behaviour needs and we, as parents, need to be proactive and advocate for our child. Find out how my child and I used goal setting to make going back to school a little easier for him. Continue reading »

A Fresh Start – transitioning your child to a new school


On Friday I gave a presentation to learning support staff and some educational psychologists around transitioning young people between schools. The process of thinking about what it means to be changing schools took me right back to being 12 years old. The fear of knowing no one at my new school, the uncertainty, the excitement – was that really 40 years ago? Continue reading »

The Homework challenge


This week I‚Äôve seen a lot of students struggling with homework. Perhaps it‚Äôs the grey cold weather that‚Äôs making it extra hard to get the books out when they get home. Somehow, the bright lights of the TV and a comfy chair make things like getting into trouble with your teachers or getting behind in your work seem unimportant. Continue reading »

Slow Learner

education learning

When I was at Primary and Secondary school I knew I was dumb. I didn‚Äôt do well in my classes and I envied the brainy kids who did.¬†It was in my second year 6th that my parents thought I‚Äôd better look at following in the family footsteps and go teaching. I wanted to be a writer but it was generally thought that would be too risky so I interviewed for Teachers College by default really. Continue reading »

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