Writers: Sue Hunter

Sue Hunter

Sue Hunter is mother of 4 boys and has a wealth of early childhood experience including lecturing on the subject. She has a special interest in how trauma and neglect can impact upon children’s learning and development. Sue believes that strong connected families are the building blocks to a healthy society.

Speech and Language Development in Preschool Children

Speech and language development

In my experience as a Footsteps early childhood teacher, one of the most common worries parents share is about their child’s speech and language development. There can be a big variation in development between children because of environment, genetics, health, and special needs. So what is the expected level of speech and language development, and when should you follow up on a concern? Continue reading »

7 steps to building kids’ resilience

animal lover kids and horse

Resilience is about our ability to cope with the ups and downs of life. Children need to learn to bounce back from disappointment. As they grow, they need to learn to deal with life’s issues, and also to reflect and learn from them. Resilience is a key skill for coping with life. Find out the 7 steps to building kids’ resilience.  Continue reading »

Learning dispositions play in early childhood development

Learning dispositions play in early childhood development

As parents we have dreams for our children. We hope they will live happy lives with a sense of purpose. But how to we make sure children learn all the skills they’ll need in the early years to reach their potential? Teaching learning dispositions is one way to do that. Continue reading »

Kids and TV – How much is too much?


Parents often want to know about the positives and negatives of TV viewing so they can make well informed decisions for their children. So how much is too much? Here’s an overview to help you make that decision. Continue reading »

How do I get help if I think my pre-schooler has special needs?


As a mum to be I had dreams about what my children could and may be, well before they was born. As parents, we all dream about the possibilities for our children long before they ever realise them. However, what happens if your child does not develop like the other children of his/her age? What should you do if you have a worry about your child’s learning or development? Continue reading »

5 reasons drawing is important for your child’s development

rocket blackboard

At 4 years, my youngest child William would draw the most elaborate pictures. He would draw cars with steering wheels, wing mirrors, and indicators. I admired William’s confidence to draw in his own way. By the time William was 6 his interest had changed. Continue reading »

Should a child be labelled gifted or not?


Every parent wants their child to do well at school, so and finding out your child is gifted should be a positive and rewarding experience. However, being gifted often brings with it associated challenges for the child. As one child says about her gift, “When I heard gifted I remember thinking primo cos everyone like gifts. But then I’ve found out it wasn’t really good, like when my friends get jealous”. As an early childhood teacher working with gifted children, I have found that there are often many unexpected challenges for the child, family, and teachers to come to terms with. Continue reading »

The secret to a healthy family? Stop trying to be ‘Supermum’


What I really recall most about my early parenting years with four young boys, is that I wanted to be the very best parent to my kids. Maybe I was even trying to be a supermum. But as hard as I worked at being the ultimate parent, something was still missing. I always had one eye on the clock, ready to spring into action to pick up my youngest one from Playcentre, or my older boys from school. I actually felt a little sorry for myself and all the other budding wonder women out there. Continue reading »

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