Writers: Sarah Amy Glensor Best

Sarah Amy Glensor Best

Sarah Amy Glensor Best moved away from a corporate career a decade ago to become a stay at home Mum. Since then she has been learning alongside her three daughters at Playcentre; become a kaiako/educator for Brainwave Trust Aotearoa; written numerous articles and opinion pieces; published her first book “Changing the World is Child’s Play” and started an education business focussed on children, parenting and play – Children Change. Sarah lives in Wellington with her family.

Envisioning an evolutionary leap

new beginnings

When a child is born, her brain has been given a starter set of instructions as to how to lay its basic structure out and begin the important process of wiring to create the basis for the child she is and the adult she is to become. This is her genetics at play; passed down through generations from the ancestral lines of each of her parents. Continue reading »

Thoughts on loving and learning in life

Learning in life





Without one there are none of the others. Our bodies, hearts and minds connect each of us to ourselves, others and the world through love, life and learning. We are living life fully when we embrace our natural urges to experience and engage in love and learning. Continue reading »

When do the children dream?

When do the children dream?

Dreams help us to decide which actions to take next, which attitudes to shift, which people to spend time with. Dreams ebb, flow and transform over time and reflect where we are at; our present world and self-views. Dreams can happen day or night, so when do the children dream? Continue reading »

Hanging out in the holidays

Hanging out in the holidays

Holidays can be great times for reconnecting with our families and reinvigorating our passion for spending time together; whether we’re heading out of town, spending time with others or just hanging out at home. I particularly love having “jama” days with nothing planned and the biggest questions being which game will we play next or what shall we make for an afternoon snack? Continue reading »

Everyday play with your child

play with your child

What is play? Play is learning. Play is children’s life. Play is loving learning about life! Continue reading »

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