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Zoe’s Scandinavian Inspired Fox Party

Zoe's Scandinavian Inspired Fox Party

Scandi style is taking over our living rooms, so why not let it take over our kids parties too?  An amazing party set up from Thetis of Little Sooti, with fantastic use of geometric and bright, bold colours. Continue reading »

Fairies, Flowers and Butterflies Birthday Party Theme


I know I went a little against the grain with this one. In a time where very structured dessert buffets are at the height of fashion, I mixed colours, patterns and themes! But my fairies, flowers and butterflies party theme was definitely a hit! Continue reading »

Checkerboard Unicorn Cake Tutorial


One of our best friends’ daughters was turning six recently.  I asked her what she wanted on her cake… and she said a unicorn.  So this is what we created for her birthday party.  It’s really simple.  Really simple!  But pretty effective.  Here is a step by step tutorial so you can recreate the cake.  It has a checkerboard effect when cut (which is not time consuming or difficult, though it appears both 😉 ).  The most difficult thing is the unicorn, and if this troubles you – just buy one and stick it on top! Continue reading »

Minions cake

Minions cake

So surely I can’t be the only mum out there who has wondered “Can I make a themed cake myself or do I really have to pay $150 – $200 for something amazing!?”. With that in mind and the fact that my Mr 4 is having a Minions themed party over the half term holidays I have set myself the challenge: make a Minion cake! Continue reading »

Piñata Cookies

pinata cookies

Cookies are delicious, but these cookies are even more delicious because they have a chocolate surprise inside! They are reasonably straight forward the only tricky thing is cutting out the middle of the cookies – make sure you do it while they are still warm so they don’t fall apart. Continue reading »

Including children in family celebrations and ceremonies

Involving children in family celebrations

The word “ceremony” may conjure in the mind an image of the pageantry of a royal wedding with all its formality, expense and protocol. However one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets is that we lead the world in creative approaches to contemporary ceremony. And families are where most of our key rituals and ceremonies occur. Here are some great ideas for including children in family celebrations and ceremonies.  Continue reading »

Make your own birthday party


Birthdays can be expensive and overwhelming but they don’t have to be! Here are some simple ways to ‘make your own’ birthday party.

Party food can cost you a lot of money but it can be great fun to make your own. This recipe for rainbow cupcakes makes gorgeous, colourful cupcakes and you can play around with the colours to suit your party theme. Continue reading »

Growing great families and creating great birthdays


My daughter Sophie turns 11 next week.  She’s also in her last year of primary school.  I am struggling with all of this to be honest.  My girls seem to be growing up so fast, everything is changing so quickly and I’m just not sure I’m ready for it.  I’d love to be able to turn the clock back a couple of years to slow it all down. Continue reading »

Great Family Food Traditions


Food is something that can really bring the family together. Mealtimes are important to reconnect, share and enjoy each other. They are also great opportunities to get to know other people in your community, wider family, church or other social gathering a bit better. To make mealtimes something to look forward to, you could try implementing a family tradition or regular food event in your family – something unique that is marked on the calendar and forms part of your ‘family make up’. Lots of great family traditions revolve around food. Some ideas include: Continue reading »

7 Classic birthday party games kids love

classic birthday party games kids love

The classic birthday party games kids love keep being used because they really work! They’re very easy to set up, easy to play, and don’t require a lot of resources. You can also adapt these classic party games to your particular party theme. Continue reading »

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