Finding suitable party games for teenagers, or tweenagers, can be tricky business, but we have some great teenage birthday party games that even your ‘coolest’ teenagers will enjoy.

There’s a fine line between organising some fun games for your teenager’s party, and embarrassing the heck out of them. The problem is – you’ll have no idea where that line is drawn!

For the most part, it’s a good idea to let your teenager organise the party on their own, or with teen friends (with strict guidelines of course), and when it comes to the games, your teenager will definitely want to be the host. The last thing a 13 or 14 year old wants is Mum or Dad clapping their hands and getting everybody into a circle!

With that in mind, here are some great indoor party games that you may want to suggest to your teen. They’ll be able to adapt them to suit their friends, and maybe even change the name so it sounds like their idea!

You’ll want to read this article alongside our Party ideas for teenagers, that is packed full of themes, tips, venue ideas, and more! As well as Tips for negotiating teen birthday parties to help with your plan! 

8 Great Party Games for Teens and Tweens – Tried and true

Party games for teenagers - Tried and true Pin

1. Balloon Dare

Eat 1 whole sardine

Write out a dare for every guest at the party, and slip each one into a balloon before blowing it up and tying the knot. One at a time, the guests choose a balloon and pop it to find the dare. Your guests then have to do the dare, or suffer the consequences.

Dares don’t have to be embarrassing, instead they could be more of a challenge (think Fear Factor or Treasure Island). Maybe they have to eat something out-of-the-ordinary like baby squid, or perhaps they need to complete a physical task. Check out our Fear Factor article for more ideas.

Consequences shouldn’t be embarrassing either, but rather something grossly fun. Maybe they have to eat a plate of custard with no hands, or agree to have the birthday child paint their face. Remember consequences shouldn’t be threatening or humiliating.

When preparing this game, you may want to talk to your teen about what dares are appropriate, and have the final say as to what goes in the balloon. You will also need to agree on a consequence that is safe and appropriate in your home. Good luck!

2. Truth, Truth, Lie

Perfect Party Games for Teenagers-truth truth lie game

When your guests arrive, give them each a card to write down three facts about themselves. Two of the things must be true, and one of them must be a lie.

When you’re ready to play the game, have each guest read out their facts, and everybody else must try to work out the lie. The person who guesses the most ‘lies’ correctly – wins!

This game works really well if there’s a good prize for winning, like a giant-sized chocolate bar, or cool make-up item. If there’s a prize to play for it’s surprising how serious people get about winning!

3. Guess that tune

Party games for teenagers - Guess that tune

Get a selection of CDs, or Spotify playlist together. Get your guests to try to guess each song, by only playing a few seconds of music. You could play the first few beats, or to make it even harder, record a small snippet from the middle of each song.

This is a great game to play in teams of 2-3 people. And like the game above you can really ramp it up by including a prize at the end. It’s also lots of fun to include spot prizes of chocolates or lollies to dish out during the game!

4. Winks

Perfect Party Games for Teenagers-winks game

This is a great game for a party with both boys and girls, and works best with lots of guests. If your teen is still in the early stages of ‘liking boys’ (or girls), then this game can be lots of fun.

Set up a circle of chairs, and have all the girls take a seat. The boys then take their place standing behind a girl of their choice, with one boy standing behind an empty chair. The boy with an empty chair winks at a girl, who then jumps up to take the empty spot. If the boy behind her tags her shoulders before she gets away, she must stay seated. If she makes it out of the chair, the game continues with a new winker.

How you play this game will depend on the number of girls vs. boys at the party. If the numbers aren’t even, make sure you jumble it up so there is more than one same-sex pair to begin with. Having a mixture of pairs will stop any teasing that may occur.

5. Wink Murder

Party games for teenagers - Wink murder

Have all the guests close their eyes, and choose one guest to be the murderer by tapping them on the shoulder. All the other guests are detectives. When everyone opens their eyes, the murderer must start ‘killing’ off the detectives by winking at them one by one. If a guest is winked at, they need to die – very dramatically – so everyone knows they have been killed.

If a guest thinks they can solve the mystery (i.e. who the murderer is), they can shout out their name. If they are right, they win the game, but if they are wrong, they have to die. If the murderer manages to kill all the guests and get down to one last detective without being found out, the murderer wins.

6. Nail Polish Spin the Bottle

Bottles of nail polish on a colorful wooden table

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, this is a game for girls.

Have your guests sit in a circle, and place several different nail polishes around the inside. The birthday girl starts by spinning a soft drink bottle in the middle of the circle, and then painting one fingernail with whichever polish it ends up pointing at. The guests then take turns spinning the bottle, and painting one finger nail in the chosen colour. The game continues until everybody has all 10 nails painted in different polish.

7. T-Shirt Keepsake

Party games for teenagers - painted shirt party game idea

Teenagers like the idea of having a keepsake, especially one they can show off. Purchase a plain coloured T-Shirt, and a few tubes of fabric paint. As each guest arrives get them to sign their name, write a message, or draw a picture for the birthday teen. They can even go all out and do hand or even footprints just for fun!

If your child doesn’t want a T-shirt, you could use a pillowcase or cushion cover instead.

Fabric paints are available from good craft stores for approximately $5 per tube. Look for brands that don’t need specialist setting, but instead simply dry by themselves or can be heat-set using an iron or hair dryer.

8. The Chocolate Game

Party games for teenagers - The chocolate game

This is a twist on that classic kid’s party game The Chocolate Game.

Just like in the classic game, have your guests sit in a circle, and put a block of chocolate, a knife and fork, a dice, and a selection of dress up clothes in the middle. Guests take turns throwing the dice, and when they get a 6, they have to put on the dress up clothes, and start eating the chocolate one piece at a time using the knife and fork. You get to keep eating until somebody else throws a 6, at which time they must put down the knife and fork, and pass over the clothes as quickly as possible.

The chocolate game – dress up twist

There are two great twists you can play. One is by choosing a themed selection of clothing, the 60s or the 80s are always fun to dress up as. The more far out the clothes are, the more the hysterics will take over during the game!

The chocolate game – partners twist

The second twist is to play the game in pairs, with two dice. Guests must both roll either double 6s or double 1s at the same time to be ‘in’. Have two lots of clothes to put on (merge the dress up twist here too, eg. you could choose gangster or pirate style clothes!), and in this version of the game your guests must cut the chocolate and feed it to each other.

This version is really hard to actually get any chocolate, and really hilarious as a result!

Perfect Party Games for Teenagers-dress up

Last thoughts

Even though our great party games for teenagers are really great, your teenager may not want any sort of games at their party at all. They may instead choose to just ‘hang out’.

That’s totally fine if there are only 2 or 3 friends invited, and they all get on really well. But if there’s more than that, then cliques can start to form without planned entertainment. Even for a ‘hang out’ party we recommend having a few planned activities, or some form of entertainment, so no one gets left ‘hanging’.

If you’re a parent and just wading into the minefield of teenagers birthday parties, you’ll definitely want to read our article Tips for negotiating teen birthday parties. Or for more expert party advice, check out our Teen’s Birthday section.

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can you please add more games

Jarrod Rendle

We sure can, glad you asked. The refreshed article, with some awesome new games is coming real soon!


This is a great source thank you so much

Jarrod Rendle

Thanks for stopping by! — Kiwi Families


These ideas are so fun! I am turning 13 soon and would like to do them. Good job!


I am turning 14 in 2 months and I love the ideas of these games! Seven months ago, I moved away from all my friends to the U.S. This December, I am going to go see them! I have emailed them all the game ideas and they seem really excited! Tysm for these ideas!

Jarrod Rendle

Thanks for the comment, and hope it goes well reconnecting with your friends in December! — Jarrod


What can you do for a 13th birthday party because it is my 13th birthday on the 4th of June
do you have any thing that is a good ideas that you can give me please by the 4th of June please and thank you if you have any good ideas please

Jarrod Rendle

You could check out some of the ideas on our 13th birthday party page: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/articles/thirteenth-birthday-party/ — Kiwi Families


this was a good article

Jarrod Rendle

Glad you enjoyed it!

Samara Queen

how do I play the games

Jarrod Rendle

Ummm, the instructions are kind of in the article? — Jarrod


i love these games. my favourite was balloon dare. thq so much. you guys were really helpful.

Jarrod Rendle

Glad we could help! — Jarrod


It’s great that so many people love these games. I’m just sad that some lame people use such horrible language and surprised that Kiwi Families aren’t able to block or take down those comments.

Jarrod Rendle

We believe everyone has the right to comment, good or bad. And it’s important for us to hear from, and learn from, our readers. At the end of the day I guess some people just don’t like having fun 🙂 — Jarrod

Jenjo Games

This is such an interesting list of party games, perfect for young ones to have an amazing time. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I am sure it would help many!

Jarrod Rendle

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! — Jarrod

annoyed advocate

For the 4th game I don’t understand why it says “At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, this is a game for girls.”, because many guys paint their nails even if they aren’t gay. I feel this comment was unnecessary.

Jarrod Rendle

Thanks, really appreciate your comment. We will keep working on the language on our site! — Kiwi Families

danniellejessicca williams

hey love your work and stuf

Jarrod Rendle

Cool, thanks! — Kiwi Families


I’m 15 i’m so excited i can’t wait for my 16th birthday “I’m gonna turn 16 this month”


hi my daugher just gets really bored and I would like the name of some games for her. she is 13

Teens rock

thanks im a teen ill use this for a hangout with my friends

Jarrod Rendle

Cool! — Kiwi Families


stop advocating this, wink game is designed to make young boys like my self uncomfortable, would love to hear you get back to me, thanks.

Jarrod Rendle

None of these games should make anyone feel uncomfortable, but it’s really up to the party hosts to manage them well. — Kiwi Families


i liked the idea of the chocolate

Jarrod Rendle

It’s our favourite for sure. Especially the duo version, it’s hilarious! — Kiwi Families


These are amazing ty

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Welcome! — Kiwi Families


Good games going to use these for my kids 12th birthday

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Yup, these will be perfect for a 12th — Kiwi Families


I did the balloon dare for my 14th birthday and all of my friends loved it

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These were amazing my daughter had the time of her life and told me after the party her friends were excited for her next one and my daughterwas so grateful thank you for the tips

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Yay, and you’re most welcome, glad it went well! — Kiwi Families


I’m turning 13 in 9 days and these games are great me and my friends will love these thank you 🙂

Jarrod Rendle

You are most welcome! — Kiwi Families

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I love this games for my birthday because I am now 13. Love this games. Please tell some games about Small kids like of 8 aslo for my brother and sister……

Jarrod Rendle

oh my god this is amazing thank you who ever made this.

Jarrod Rendle

You are welcome! — Kiwi Families


omg i love this

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Yay. — Kiwi Families


Hey everybody


nice games

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Thanks! — Kiwi Families


Wow I am a 13 year old and you came up with games that actually sound fun. Great Job!

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Cool, and thanks! — Kiwi Families


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Jarrod Rendle

Glad you liked them!


My 15th birthday is coming up and my cousins 13th birthday is coming up and we are suprising him with a party I also just graduated 8th grade soo it is my grad party to. One question, Have you ever tried LIVE twister. I t is where you use paint as the dots on a mat and usaully 4 people play at a time , BTW it gets very messy, have guests bring a spare outfit

Jarrod Rendle

Live Twister sounds absolutely hilarious, we may have to try this out this school holidays! — Jarrod

Teen World

Can I use this party games for my daughter next party? I’m also read this blog article about party games for teenagers:https://iteenworld.com/party-games-for-teenagers/


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Aaleyah Dougherty

I agree with everyone else”disapointed birthday girl” im turning 13 in a week and i am loving these games for my birthday party. Maybe you need to research games for 100 yr olds if you think these are 8 yr old material


Thanks Aaleyah, glad to know you love some of the game ideas, and have a great birthday 🙂 !

Allizay Dean

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Thanks! We hope you get to play some of them.

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do i need to pay him or something? Or it’s for FREE?

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these games look really cool its my birthday soon and i want games to play


Cool as, I hope the party goes well! — Jarrod


well im turning 14 and these r so lame so i fill u [disappointed birthday girl]


Was very fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frickin love these games especislly wink murder

Elizabeth Barry

Saying the nail polish game is for girls is incorrect and just reenforces gender roles created by internalized misogyny in our society. Don’t gender games. Besides that there are some good ideas here.


oooh please give me a break!!!! nail polish is for girls. I can’t imagen using this game for my 14 year old boy and his friends….

Annie B

Women have been painting their nails since 3,000 BC…


Gimme a break. Boys and girls. Science. Biology. x and y chromosomes. Sex not gender. Get out of woke la la land.

Jarrod Rendle

OK. We’re proud to be woke. But thanks for your comment 🙂


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