A child’s 10 year old birthday signals the tween years, and their 10th birthday party is the last chance you will have to celebrate childhood as you know it.

Double figures at last! Your baby has left single birthdays behind for ever. While the parents may wonder why this is cause for celebration (weren’t they easier to handle as babies??!!) your child is probably very excited, as they often consider themselves practically grown up once they hit 10.

Something as important as double figures can also be marked by an extra special birthday celebration – maybe dining out in a restaurant as well as a party, or a sleepover for their friends. A 10th birthday usually also marks your child’s last year of primary school, which is a milestone in itself.

Planning a 10th Birthday Party

Chances are your child will soon be off to intermediate, and a whole new phase of their life will begin.

They will still enjoy childhood games, but they’ll be less likely to admit it in public, and they will flit between wanting to be ‘cool’ and just having fun.

Turning 10 is about finding that middle ground between childhood and the race to grow up, so it’s definitely an age worth celebrating. When planning a 10th birthday you need to tread carefully, but relax in the knowledge that you are still safely in a position to call the shots.

10 Year old Birthday Themes

10 Year old birthday party themes and ideas

Ten year olds still love the idea of having a themed birthday party, but their idea of an appropriate theme will have changed dramatically in the last few years. They will be torn between a traditional birthday party and something a little more grown up, so you’ll need to get the mix just right. Here are some great party themes for 10 year olds to get you started.

Sports Party

A sports themed party is great for this age group, particularly if your child is a sports fanatic. They get to play games and run around like kids should at birthday parties, but they don’t feel like the games are too babyish and embarrassing. For ideas on how to plan a great Sports Party, check out our article in the party themes section.

Fear Factor

This is a definite hit for 10 year olds, especially if they follow Fear Factor on television. Like the Sports Party, a Fear Factor party allows kids to be kids, but still gives them a sense of being grown up. There are some great ideas for a Fear Factor party in our party theme section.

Around the World

Picking a specific country is a great way to theme a party, especially if your child has an interest in somewhere special. It’s easy to match the food, decorations and games to the chosen location, and you can plan the party to be as grown up (or as child-like) as you want it to be. We have some great ideas for a Hawaiian Luau in our party themes section, and they can be easily adapted for other countries as well.

Slumber Party

Slumber parties are traditionally more of a girl’s event, but boys enjoy the chance to hang out with their mates and stay up all night as well. A true slumber party means your child and their friends get to start up insanely late watching videos, telling jokes, playing games, and having midnight feasts. For some great slumber party games, check out Games for Teenagers in our party game section.

10 Year old Birthday Venues

If you want to make your child’s 10th birthday special, but lack the time to organise a themed party, why not take your child out to celebrate. They could bring one special friend, or a whole group of mates depending on your budget. Some great places to go include:

  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Rock Climbing
  • Movies
  • Art and Craft Workshop
  • Family Friendly Restaurant
  • Horse Riding
  • A Show or Concert
  • A Special Sports Event
  • Go Karting
  • Blo Karting
  • Aquatic Centre or Water Park
  • Theme Park

10th Birthday Food

If you are having a themed birthday party, then you will want to keep the food in keeping with the theme, otherwise keep the food simple and stick to things you know everybody will like.

Fairy bread and cherrios are probably off the menu for your nearly ‘grown up’ child, so check out our Party Food section for some other easy-to-make ideas.

10th Birthday Games and Activities

At 10 your child is still young enough to have the odd game, (provided they ‘cool’ games of course), but chances are they’ll want to ‘do’ things, rather than ‘play’ things.

Take a look at your child’s interests, and focus the games and activities around that. Our party venues above are a good place to start, or check out Great games for 8 – 12 year olds in our Party Games section.

Making 10 Year old Birthday Memories

A 10th birthday is definitely a milestone, and milestone birthdays provide an opportunity to form rituals and traditions in your family. Your child’s 10th birthday is about the cross-over from childhood to teenage years.

It’s the time when your child wants to be grown up, but still hangs onto to the silliness of being a child – and rightfully so! It’s also a time where you can create a special gateway from childhood to adolescence.

Some nice ways to recognise your child’s 10th birthday and create traditions in your home are:

  • Give the birthday child a day on their own with Mum, or Dad or both, doing exactly what they want to do. You may have to put some budget restrictions in place, but the reality is they will probably want to do fairly simple things. It’s all about having uninterrupted time with you, and their knowing that it’s still okay to be friends with Mum and Dad.
  • It’s about now that the ‘sex’ talk needs to be had, and while you may not want to do it on the day of their party, you can make it a bit of a ritual with something special that occurs as a part of it. For girls it may be buying their first bra (or crop top if that’s all that is necessary), and for boys it may be some deodorant or the like. The talk will happen again in a few years with even more detail, but it’s important to introduce it now and make it special.
  • Make turning 10 a time when your child earns the right to do something like get their ears pierced, or bike to the shops on their own. Whatever the ‘thing’ is, keep the same rule for every child in the house, and they will all have something to look forward to on their 10th birthday. Being allowed to do the ‘thing’ is a gift on its own.

For more great birthday party advice, check out our Birthdays section

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Jarrod Rendle




Jarrod Rendle



Another awesome article. Very detailed and informative. Thanks for sharing!

cassandra budrick

Lol reading these post below are hilarious to me .. my daughters about to be ten and I don’t believe she would be spending her time reading forums on what to do on her 10 bday party lol she’s still a kid she isn’t planning things, she’s expecting me to. Lol and she’s going to be surprised. Cheese and rice they’re turning 10 not 13 lol im not even that close to her friends parents to have all these children whose homes I never been in my home to trash it lol I’m not a soccer mom, I’m not deciding… Read more »


Thanks for your reply Cassandra. You’d be surprised what kids can come up with these days. We’d definitely recommend getting her involved in the planning, checking out Pinterest, etc. it’s her big day, she’ll be keen to get involved. Beyond that though, best of luck with your party planning. — Jarrod.

FJ Events Club

You shared some great party themes for 10 year olds with a lot of fun..Thanks for the advice to plan a birthday party.



I love it that kids are commenting. I want to hear what 10-11 year old boys want to do for birthday parties. Thank you!


Seems like all the comment are from abunch of selfish, spoiled little brats who need a wakening to how the real world works. Some of you’s need a good old fashion butt whooping cuz if any of my children acted like you’s they wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.

Wow the wow

My birthday is November 16 and I want to walk in bel mar slumber party also eat at benihamas


i guess this is good advice since i literally cant find anything else


I hate the ‘girl’ ‘boy’ garbage – we are all people and we are all different. Does not matter if we are the same gender.

Lana Chapman

i know its stupid!




I’m not sher. I’m terning 10 and my stupid brother thinks: us girls want to go fourweeling. Like serisly! We want to party. But also yah a sleepover is a good idia. So coment if liked


Hey, you bro dose not want to be annoying but you got to cut him some slack. He is a boy so boys are a little annoying. He just wants to give you a gift. Sweet thing. God bless


Im having a disco for my 10th birthday. Ten in a month, Eva Dawe is right, Themes aren’t an important addition to a party. All i think of is more people more money more prresents!


I’m turning ten soon and those are really great ideas for themes but I’m the young one in the group of my friends so most of those ideas are already taken and I don’t want to copy them. do you have anymore ideas?

Rochelle Gribble

Hi Lily,

Have you checked out some of our other birthday resources?http://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/topic/school-age/birthdays-school-age/ Hope you have a wonderful party!



If you do an event with a sleep over – what time would you suggest to commence the event i.e. bowling? We are new to the area and are going to make the sleepover optional. Your help would be appreciated!

Sally @ Kiwi Families

Hi Jay, I posted your question to our Facebook friends and they had some good suggestions – you can check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/kiwifamilies/posts/509747435750556 I hope the party goes really well!


I’m turning 10 in a couple months. I want to go bowling. It is a time to show of you skills. Hey have a blast. My mom says it a spechol
Birthday. 1-0 double digest.!!!!!!!!!!

Eva Dawe

this is a great website!!!!!!

Eva Dawe

I think this is ok. i am ten in a week and i think that themes arent as important coz a girl just wants to have fun and chill with her friends. for my party i will just be having a sleepover with 3 of my friends. Themes are a little bit boring but they can be fun no 10 year old likes to admit it but they all like a little bit of babyish stuff still


I think this is some good advice. Like I’m 10 next month and I’m inviting 21 friends.


Im sorry but why are 9 and 10 year olds with access to these like google accounts O.O

Lana Chapman

Cause they just do its a chance for kids to communicate with each other

Lana Chapman

i agree with eva


Thanks Lana. Yea I think Eva is right, by the age of 10 kids are just about growing out of the whole ‘themes’ thing. That’s why we included some birthday venue ideas, as I think these are a great option for this age! — Jarrod


nice ideas

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