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Upcycled Tin Can Lanterns for Matariki

Upcycled tin can lanterns for Matariki

With Matariki readying itself to re-enter our skies, I thought it was timely to make some lanterns. These upcycled tin can lanterns with LED lights are easy for kids to create, and make really lovely night lanterns. Continue reading »

Wooden Star Acrylic Pours for Matariki

Matariki star acrylic pours

I’ve been wanting to try out acrylic pours with my kids for a while now. So with Matariki about to enter our skies I thought it would be fun to make some wooden star acrylic pours. Continue reading »

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids

Celebrating New Year's Eve with kids

Another year is almost over… Christmas has been and we’ve all breathed a sigh of relief. And then there’s New Year!  I’ve never been a particularly boisterous celebrator of the end of the year and having kids certainly hasn’t helped. So whether you’re used to kicking up your heels or just keen to chill and mark the passing of another year, we’ve got some ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids. We’d also love to hear your ideas so do leave some comments at the bottom of this post.

Continue reading »

Celebrating Hanukkah with children

Celebrating Hanukkah with children

What is Hanukkah, besides lighting the Menorah for eight nights, before or after Christmas, depending on the year? (In 2013, November 27- December 5). Is Hanukkah merely a stand-in Jewish holiday to coincide with Christmas so that Jewish kids don’t get left out? Hanukkah is an important time for Jews everywhere and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate with your children. Continue reading »

Including children in family celebrations and ceremonies

Involving children in family celebrations

The word “ceremony” may conjure in the mind an image of the pageantry of a royal wedding with all its formality, expense and protocol. However one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets is that we lead the world in creative approaches to contemporary ceremony. And families are where most of our key rituals and ceremonies occur. Here are some great ideas for including children in family celebrations and ceremonies.  Continue reading »

Celebrating the little miracles


Albert Einstein said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Continue reading »

Enjoy a stress-free Christmas


During this busy time of year, many of us forget the importance of maintaining our health and well-being. At a time when it’s essential to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, it’s often one of the first things to go when the going gets tough. We start feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and guilty. Unrealistic expectations of having everything ‘done’ before Christmas lead to increased pressure on individuals and families. While our stress levels increase, our tolerance levels decrease. Instead of being filled with Christmas cheer and goodwill to all, for many this is an increasingly tiring time of year. Continue reading »

Creating family celebrations

rosie 6th birthday2

A timely article inspired by my daughter who turns 6 tomorrow. The years are going by fast, but very early on I started thinking about traditions and celebrations and dreamt of how I would do these with my girl, and I dreamt of a full family with two parents and laughter and fun times and lots of love and treasured moments. Continue reading »

5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos

5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos

Routine is a key part of our lives. We all follow some sort of schedule so day-to-day functions are taken care of. But maintaining some sort of routine while on holiday can be tricky. Here’s 5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos. Continue reading »

Family celebrations : celebrating family


For me, the idea of family celebrations brings forward warm feelings of fun and love as I have two wonderful families to enjoy our differences with. I that appreciate for some the thought of a family celebration is not so great but remember your family are the only ones you have and almost certainly their hearts will be in the right place. As we head into this festive period, here are some ideas of ways that you can celebrate with your family.  Continue reading »

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