Routine is a key part of our lives. We all follow some sort of schedule so day-to-day functions are taken care of. But maintaining some sort of routine while on holiday can be tricky. Here’s 5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos.

Routine allows time to sleep and time to have fun and learn. It provides opportunities to sit down and eat as a family and enjoy being together. However, it can be tricky to stick to a schedule especially during periods of change and disruption.

Holidays are special as families get to spend quality time together. They’re an occasion of celebration, reflection and lots and lots of laughter. Family members and friends travel from one end of the country to another to embrace each other.

Putting all the fun and laughter aside, holidays can sometimes get on top of us as parents.

Routines go out the window. The kids eat too much sugar, won’t sleep and refuse to brush their teeth. On top of that, there’s the stress associated with planning, car journeys and sleeping in different beds. Oh, and no family holiday is complete without a bit of toy hurling and tantrums (and that’s just the parents!).

5 tips to create calm amongst the holiday chaos

How Do We Create Calm Amongst the Chaos?

  • First, we need to accept there will be some chaos. Embrace this but instil an oasis of calm in the middle of it.
  • Change of environment and people can be very unsettling for children. When in other people’s homes or when you have people over, try to stick to your child’s routine as much as you can. Focus on the naps, meals and bedtime routine, so they remain rested and keep their energy levels up. Try to go with the flow around this, and let other people help you out and get involved.
  • Bedtime can be a challenge when you’re staying with others. Make it part of an adventure for older kids. Talk to them about it and explain what’s going to happen. We all benefit from a bedtime routine so keep it going, especially for babies and toddlers. The process of one action happening after another helps settle littlies for the night.
  • Enjoy sugary treats, and don’t feel guilty about it. Just think ahead of time how you’re going to manage it. Go for a daily family walk to help burn off the extra calories and stop the kids from bouncing off the walls. This will also clear your head and give you breathing space. Stick to healthy meals when you can. Family BBQs are a great option.
  • If it all gets too much, go sit on the naughty step and count to 10! Remember that you’re celebrating special family time, then get up and give everyone a great big hug. Holidays are for de-stressing. There’s plenty enough time for stress when you get back to work!

For more information on creating routines in your household, you should check out our Create routines article.

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Michelle Kemp is the Author of Two Weeks to Sleep: A Sensible Guide for First Time Parents and soon to be released Little Book of Routines: A Practical Guide for Mums and Dads. Michelle is married to James and a proud Mum to their son Max. The three of them love spending time together and experiencing new adventures as a family, whether that's just hanging out at the local park or travelling to new and exciting places. Michelle is passionate about helping families build key foundations in their lives. These foundations are quality sleep, a nutrient rich diet and plenty of movement. Michelle believes that these foundations go a long way towards supporting a full and happy family life.

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