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Keeping your kids safe on Instagram

Keeping your kids safe on Instagram

Instagram is a photo, video, and message sharing app with a huge following, especially among young people. Learn more about how you can keep your kids safe on Instagram. Continue reading »

Cyberbullying – 7 tips to teach kids resilience

Cyberbullying – 7 tips to teach kids resilience

No doubt we’re all on the same page when it comes to cyberbullying. It’s a terrible thing that some young people find themselves driven to take their own lives, and that cyberbullying appears to be a growing problem. Learn how to teach your kids to become more resilient to cyberbullying. Continue reading »

Dealing with learning disability bullying – Advice from 5 Kiwi families

Dealing with learning disability bullying

Can you imagine, in this day and age, a kid at school getting bullied because they were blind, or deaf. Surely not right? What about a kid getting bullied because they had a learning disability? 5 Kiwi families give advice on dealing with learning disability bullying. Continue reading »

13 reasons why you need to watch 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why at this point, so I won’t get into details of the show’s content. The show certainly has it’s critics. Many of them are from the mental health sector, which is a little weird. I feel like any book, or movie, or TV series that gets us all talking about mental health is a good thing. Continue reading »

Young Kiwis working hard for a safer internet

Sticks n stones Safer internet day Melbourne

13 year old Molly Redican recently presented at Facebook Headquarters in Melbourne, and wrote about her experience exclusively for Kiwi Families. Continue reading »

Help with online bullying in New Zealand


Young people adapt to new technologies quickly and easily. They use technology to explore opportunities for social interaction, and to learn about their world and express themselves, but they also have to navigate challenges most parents never had to deal with. Continue reading »

How to spot the signs of bullying and get help


Bullying is repetitive, deliberate, and hurtful behaviour, aimed at causing harm to another person. If your child is being bullied, they may not tell you. Find out how to spot the signs of bullying and get help for your child.

Continue reading »

A Fresh Start – transitioning your child to a new school


On Friday I gave a presentation to learning support staff and some educational psychologists around transitioning young people between schools. The process of thinking about what it means to be changing schools took me right back to being 12 years old. The fear of knowing no one at my new school, the uncertainty, the excitement – was that really 40 years ago? Continue reading »

Bullying – how can you help?


45,000 children report being bullied each week in New Zealand, could it be happening to your child?  If so, what could you do to help? This is one of the biggest questions facing parents and caregivers today. Continue reading »

15 Key Factors to Building Teen Resilience

15 key factors to building resilience in your teen

A young person’s world can be shaken by any number of difficult life issues, from the real shaking of an earthquake, to illness and injury, a bereavement, parental break up, bullying, crime, or broken relationships. It’s all about how to move forward from the issue. Here’s 15 key factors to building teen resilience. Continue reading »

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