Okay, confession time: Sometimes I feel a major wave of mum-guilt when I am working from home and my kids are parked in front of the telly or tablet. That’s why I’m so relieved to have printables in my arsenal. They give my two girls fun activities that help them learn and practise new skills.

It’s a win-win – they’re having fun, and I’m one happy (and less guilty!) mum.

So, ready to explore the world of amazing printables? Here are some of my favourite types to get you started.

Printable Flashcards: Learning Made Playful

Printable NZ

Flashcards are such a classic learning tool, but they don’t have to be boring! From letters and numbers to animals and world flags, there’s a printable flashcard set out there for just about any subject you can imagine. They’re a brilliant way to make learning adaptable and fun for your little one.

Plus, as a work-from-home mum, flashcards are my lifesaver for independent playtime! It’s so simple – I just lay out a set face up, and my little ones love matching pairs or going through them, saying the words or naming the pictures. My oldest even turns it into a competition with herself, trying to beat her own time with each set!

Here are some of my favourite printable flashcard sets that are both fun and educational:

  • Alphabet Flashcards: Help little ones master their ABCs with bright and colourful cards.
  • Number Flashcards: Perfect for practising counting and simple sums.
  • Shape Flashcards: A visual way to learn basic geometry.
  • Sight Word Flashcards: Great for early readers to recognise common words instantly.
  • Animal Flashcards: Explore the animal kingdom with fun facts and pictures.
  • World Flag Flashcards: A dash of geography and a sprinkle of cultural awareness.

Colouring Pages with a Twist (and a Secret Learning Boost!)Printable coloring books

We all know kids love to colour, but did you know that colouring pages can be more than just mindless fun? With the right kind of designs, they can actually sneak in some valuable learning. Plus, as a busy mum, they’re my go-to for quiet, focused activities that let me catch my breath whilst my kids stay engaged.

Here are a few types of educational colouring pages that go beyond the typical cartoons:

  • Colour-by-Number: Builds number recognition and fine motor control.
  • Historical Figures: Introduces important people and events in a visual way.
  • Maps: A hands-on way to explore geography.
  • Science Diagrams: Makes learning about plants, animals, or the human body interactive.

Worksheets: Focused Skill Practice

worksheets you can print

While I love the open-ended creativity of colouring pages and flashcards, sometimes my girls need a bit more structured practice. That’s where worksheets come in! They’re brilliant for targeting specific skills, whether it’s handwriting, simple math problems, or spelling practice. I often combine worksheets with other printables to create a well-rounded learning activity.

Here are a few worksheet ideas to get you started:

Literacy Worksheets:

  • Letter Tracing: Worksheets with large, dotted letters for children to practise tracing, improving handwriting and letter recognition.
  • Beginning Sounds: Pictures with spaces for children to write the first letter of each word, reinforcing letter-sound connections.
  • Sight Word Bingo: A fun game-like worksheet to practise recognising common sight words.
  • Sentence Building: Provide simple pictures and word banks for children to build and write basic sentences about the picture.

Maths Worksheets:

  • Number Tracing and Writing: Worksheets to practise both number formation and recognition.
  • Counting Objects: Pictures of groups of objects for children to count and write the corresponding number.
  • Basic Addition and Subtraction: Simple equations with pictures or manipulatives to visualise the concepts.
  • Shape Matching and Identification: Worksheets for matching shapes, drawing shapes, or identifying shapes in real-world objects.

Tips from a Kiwi Mum:

  • Consider your child’s age and skill level when choosing worksheets.
  • Make it engaging! Use colourful images, fun themes, or turn it into a game.
  • Look for worksheets that allow for some creativity, like drawing or open-ended answers.
  • Reinforce Concepts. If we’ve been learning about animals with flashcards, a worksheet with animal matching or labelling activities helps solidify their knowledge.

Beyond the Basics: Creative Printable Fun (and a Bit of Peace for Mum!)

More kid activities you can print at home

Some days, especially with two girls full of energy, flashcards and colouring pages just won’t cut it. That’s when I turn to my stash of more intricate printables! They always manage to keep them focused, challenge their brains, and (best of all) give me a bit of breathing room whilst I work.

Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Mazes: Classic fun with varying levels of difficulty.
  • Puzzles: Word searches, crosswords, and even simple Sudoku puzzles.
  • Dot-to-Dots: These can be surprisingly intricate and satisfying for both kids and grown-ups!
  • Scavenger Hunt Clues: Get creative and turn printable clues into a fun indoor adventure.

Where do I Find All My Amazing Printables?

where do I find my printables

You might be wondering where I discover all these fantastic (and often surprisingly unique!) printables.

Honestly, my favourite place to find them is Creative Fabrica.

I love it for educational printables because they have a massive selection covering every topic imaginable, for all ages and ability levels. The designs are always well-made, colourful, and engaging for kids.

Plus, the website is super easy to search, and you can download printables instantly, typically in PDF versions. They offer subscription options or individual purchases, making it affordable and flexible for everyone.

Bonus for DIY Kiwi Parents:

where I find all my printablesIf you’re feeling a little creative, Creative Fabrica Studio  is another amazing resource. It’s a design platform packed with fonts, graphics, and templates that you can use to customize existing printables or even design your own from scratch!

With Creative Fabrica Studio, you can:

  • Customize existing printables: Add your own personal touch to printables you find online by swapping out colors, fonts, or even adding new graphic elements.
  • Design your own printables from scratch: The platform offers a variety of templates to get you started, or you can create printables entirely from scratch using their extensive library of design assets. Design eye-catching flashcards, worksheets, coloring pages, or even craft activities that are both educational and engaging for your kids.

Creative Fabrica Studio is a subscription-based platform, but they offer free trials so you can explore everything it has to offer before committing.


It’s important to remember that printables are just one tool in our parenting toolkit. While they offer fantastic benefits, they shouldn’t replace hands-on learning experiences like messy play, outdoor exploration, or building projects.

Having said that, printables have been a total game-changer for me as a busy mum. They’re a fantastic way to sneak in learning, encourage independent play, and keep kids of all ages happily engaged. And with tools like Creative Fabrica Studio everything is possible.

Let me know in the comments below what your kids’ favourite printable activities are!

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