All babies experience teething pain differently. The one thing that is the same is that they all experience it, and they all get through it. If your little one is struggling though this phase, there are a few natural ways to help your baby with teething pain.

Some babies just sail through the teething stage as if nothing is happening. No interruption to sleep, barely a reaction at all…

For others, and their parents, it is really, really tough. There’s a lot of broken sleep, very unhappy, even distressed babies, and it can be incredibly hard for all of the family members.

I have recently had the opportunity within my work to try some things out and I thought I would share these options, as you may not know that they can work really well.

Natural ways to help your baby with teething pain

Treatments for babies sore gums

Teething Gels and remedies: is an all natural gel. It’s a combination of herbal extracts and clove oil in a base of Aloe vera gel. It is unique in that every ingredient contained within the product has an action, all the way from the herbal extracts down to the gel base. Gels such as TeethEase or Bonjela supports the natural process of the emerging teeth, and assists in managing the bacteria on the teeth maintaining a balanced and healthy environment.

And there a lots of other natural baby teething remedies based around the teething gel concept too.

Cold/Frozen cloths: Soaked in chamomile tea. Knotted or textured work well. Chilled in clean plastic bags or a container in the fridge or freezer. The chamomile tea is soothing and baby will enjoy sucking the moisture out of the cloth as well as chewing. Of course frozen fruits and vegetables in large chunks are great options also.

Turmeric: Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, among having many other health benefits. For those babies on solids, adding fresh or dried Turmeric to their food can help to reduce inflammation, including the gums. It doesn’t have to be a lot, a little can help. I make a baby version of Lentil Dahl and add the turmeric into dishes such as these.

Baby teething necklaces and chew toys

Amber teething necklaces: One little person that I have looked after recently had terrible drooling with her teething experience. We got some of the amber beads and it stopped completely. Her folks took them off for the weekend, and by the Monday, she was back to full flow of slobber!

We put them back on, and the drool disappeared again. My understanding is that they work with the heat of they body to release oils from the resin that calm things down. They get my vote for effectiveness. Coconut oil on the chin works really well if a rash develops from drooling.

Soft chewable toys: Like Sophie the Giraffe… What I particularly love about Sophie is that they can really chew and chew on her and not hurt their gums. Often with some of the harder teething toys is that they are so frustrated and want to clamp down HARD that they end up hurting themselves on the very thing that is meant to be helping to soothe.

There are lots of options out there, but I got one for my nephew when I was in France years ago… here is a picture of her adventure with me.


Necklaces for mama to wear: There are some fabulous necklaces and bracelets available for baby to chew on. These are super as they are always to hand. They are stylish and designed with teething babies in mind.

Here’s a silicon version:

baby teething necklace

And these wooden and crocheted ones are just gorgeous:

crochet baby teething necklace


Other natural and homeopathic teething remedies for babies

Epsom Salts: In the bath, the magnesium helps the body to relax and it is absorbed through the skin. I would only suggest food/pharmaceutical grade salts for bathing a baby. You only need to use a very small amount too. Just a couple of teaspoons per 10 litres of bath water.

Lavender oil: Is soothing and relaxing, this could be incorporated into bath time or even a massage afterwards in a suitable carrier oil.

Cranial sacral osteopathy: One of my fail safe ‘go-tos’, teething is no exception. If there is any kind of stagnation in the jaw or skull, it can make teething so much more uncomfortable for a baby. It is not a quick fix, but I would consider it to be a really appropriate part of the solution to helping your baby to get through teething angst, especially if your baby’s symptoms are particularly bad.

Homeopathics: The options that are readily available are the Weleda powder (contains lactose), and the Naturopharm (contains alcohol). It is worth noting that these are both widely used and generally considered to work quite well.

I have and do use them with success. If you try them and they do not work, I would encourage you to consult with a classical homeopath to get the right remedy or remedies that work for your particular child’s set of symptoms. Sometimes the standard ones just don’t cut it for everyone. Find out more about homeopathy around the home.

Natural Calming Remedies: is also great for calming a fractious child, of any age, suitable for babies 0-12 years. I recently heard of one stressed out mum who forgot she had some, and was frantically asking in a Facebook group… someone reminded her about Kids Calm, a naturopathy remedy from Kiwi Herb, she gave it to her screaming toddler, and within minutes her child was completely calm.

As hard as it is at the time, it’s good to try and remember that teething is a phase. They will grow out of it, they will sleep better, they will get to be a happy and content baby.

Hopefully some of these natural ways to help your baby with teething pain will help you to reduce your child’s pain, and get some reprieve yourself!

For more great baby advice from Kiwi experts, check out our Baby section.

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Jayne has over 18 years experience in caring for children and has worked in both New Zealand and the UK. She has a vast range of expertise and can offer help and advice if you are struggling with your children. You can read more about Jayne on her website- Everything But The Stork. Jayne writes regular columns for Kiwi Families and will also answer your questions about babies and children

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