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Jarrod Rendle

Jarrod is a quintessential Kiwi Dad. He lives in Pukerua Bay, and works from home in an office that overlooks the sea. His inspiration and motivation in life come from his wife and two children.

Importance of Cash Flow Forecasting for Parents Wanting to Start a Small Business

Importance of Cash Flow Forecasting for Parents

Parents are often inspired to start a small business to add income to their growing family. Having children to support, and then to educate in the best school they can afford, is a great motivator for parents to start a small business together. Continue reading »

Are Cruises Good for Families?

Disney Cruise-lobby

Cruise ships have typically been seen as more of a senior citizen’s-type holiday, but they can also offer affordable and hassle-free overseas holidays for families. You’ll get to see lots of new places, and never have to worry about accommodation, or constantly packing and unpacking as you go. Best of all, there are no cruise ships that cater specifically for families! Continue reading »

5 Cute Handmade Christmas Gifts for Kids to Make

5 Cute Handmade Christmas Gifts for Kids to Make

Christmas is a time for giving, not a time for receiving. The magic of gifts comes from holding the thought of a person in your mind, while you think about them, and what they’d like. And handmade gifts have to be some of the most thoughtful gifts of them all. Here’s 5 handmade, and super-cute, gifts for kids to make this Christmas.

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7 Superb Things to do in South Waikato with Kids

Roadtrip ideas with kids-Waitomo Caves

We recently took the kids on a fantastic road trip through the central North Island, taking in Ruapehu, Rotorua and South Waikato. We discovered South Waikato is a superb place to take kids, here’s our 7 favourite things to do there.

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How Do You Talk About Sexting?

How to talk about sexting

Sexting is a really tricky topic for parents to deal with. How can you provide sexting advice when it literally didn’t exist when you were young? But a lot of the advice on sexting is similar to sex advice generally. Find out how to talk to your kids about sexting.
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Annabel’s Pink Hearts Party


How sweet it is… To be loved by you. Little girls… they love pink things, and hearts, and hugs and kisses, and creating… Continue reading »

5 Common estate planning mistakes

Common estate planning mistakes

Estate planning – it sounds like something only the super-rich need to worry about. Many people take for granted what will happen to their property and money once they pass away, sure everything will go to the right people without any fuss.  Continue reading »

The 10 Most Common Childhood Illnesses

The 10 Most Common Childhood Illnesses

One of the toughest parts of parenting young children is dealing with sickness and illness. From the age of around 6 months to 6 years children present with a whole host of illnesses and disease. Find out about the 10 most common childhood illnesses.

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Banned and Illegal Baby Names from 2018

Banned baby names in New Zealand

Every year a number of parents try to register names for their baby that are declined by the New Zealand Government. Find out what the banned names from 2018 were.

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Kmart Cubby House Makeover

k-mart cubby house

Discover how to turn the $199 Kmart Cubby House into a playhouse palace fit for a princess (and prince). We inject a bit of Kiwi flavour into the Kmart Cubby House makeover craze.

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