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Spending time as a family


Our family relocated from the hustle and bustle of suburban Auckland for the laid back lifestyle of rural Taranaki a few months ago.  My girls are aged 10 and 12, and this move was a big deal for them.  It’s always hard to leave your friends behind, and at 12, it’s not always easy to make new friends either.  I am pleased to report however that both girls have settled in well and are really loving their small rural school and everything that goes with it. Continue reading »

Child’s Play

Child's Play

 “There is little that gives children greater pleasure than when a grown-up lets himself down to their level, renounces his oppressive superiority and plays with them as an equal”

(Sigmund Freud) Continue reading »

Do the unexpected


It was the school holidays and the call came from the younger five (6-9yrs) grandchildren who do not live with us. ‘We’re bored can we come to your place tomorrow?’ Three girls and 2 boys so I decided to do the unexpected – throw a birthday party for no-one, with all the balloons, party eats, party poppers, hats, and even a cake complete with candles. You should have seen the looks on their faces when they came in, “Whose birthday is it?’ they asked, “Nobody’s!’ I replied.  Continue reading »

Yes days!

Father and Son

In my life-before-kids, fun and spontaneity were one in the same. When we lived in California, near Disneyland, our idea of a good time was to drop everything, visit the Magic Kingdom, and stick around until they kicked us out. Sometimes we would decide, out of the blue, to ride our bicycles a hundred miles to the beach and back for lunch at the Huntington Beach Pier. We had the time and the stamina, so why not, we figured. On our fifth wedding anniversary, we loaded up the truck with the bicycles and our dog, headed south for lunch at our favorite brew pub in Escondido, and ended up splashing out on a posh hotel in downtown San Diego – no reservations, no particular place to go. Just unplanned, unpredictable, unstructured fun. Whatever we wanted to do, we told ourselves “yes.” Continue reading »

How to be a FUN Mum!

how to be a fun mum

Much is said about the challenges and stress of parenthood. However, there is little emphasis placed on the joy of being a mother, celebrating who you are as a woman and including fun in our daily lives. Continue reading »

Fitness Fun for Families


As parents we often find ourselves revisiting activities we did as a child. We’re talking about, swingball, scooters, hydroslides, cycling and adventure playgrounds. I am sure you could think of others in this category. It’s not often that we stop to think about the fitness benefits of these common family activities.

Continue reading »

Playing with your food!

Planting Pumpkins

“You can’t get down from the table unless you eat all your vegetables!”

This is often heard from the dining room table at dinner time in most homes at some point.  But it doesn’t bode well for encouraging kids to love veggies.  It makes them seem like a chore, and definitely not something fun.  But there is vegetable fun to be had.  Food can be played with, not at the dinner table but in the garden. Continue reading »

Fun at Mealtimes


Can mealtimes be fun? Sometimes when struggling to get children to eat their dinner fun is the last adjective many parents would use to describe mealtimes. It can be pleasurable though. Here are a few ideas to help make it a reality. Continue reading »

Fun Parenting with preschoolers


My husband and I fit in the ‘crazy’ parent category. We’re constantly trying to find ways of making our son laugh and literally bending over backwards for one of his cheeky grins.  It’s going to sound corny, but to us, hearing our son laugh and smile puts a silver lining on every day. Continue reading »

Playful reunions

Mother tickling son

The other night my tweenie son came home grumpy and sullen from an overnight with his father. My new boyfriend was over and I was sensitive to how my response would be seen, by both of them. I needed to prepare dinner (of course) so I thought, I have three options: be the jellyfish parent and make excuses for my son and coddle him; be caring but firm that respect and kindness are practiced at home; hide under the bed. Continue reading »

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