My husband and I fit in the ‘crazy’ parent category. We’re constantly trying to find ways of making our son laugh and literally bending over backwards for one of his cheeky grins.  It’s going to sound corny, but to us, hearing our son laugh and smile puts a silver lining on every day.

For the first six weeks of a child’s life you don’t usually get to experience those golden moments but as soon as they start smiling back to you it’s easy to become transfixed… no, make that addicted!  I think sometimes people struggle how to handle young children and babies and don’t necessarily realise the little things that they think are funny.

With Tom, both of us take time out to enjoy the little things. We often spend 10 – 15 minutes each night when daddy chases Tom and me up the stairs. Other times we grab his comforter (it’s yucky and green – need I say more) and pretend as if it’s ours to get a right stomach laugh out of him. We love being silly with him, singing little songs and calling him loving (but silly names) ‘sausage’, ‘cuppy cake’ and ‘muffin top’ to name a few (our Au Pair asked me why I call him muffin top – simply the best part of the muffin)!

Tom also has a fascination with his CD player; he will stand and jump on his couch to his favourite tunes. Being fun parents and having fun together as a family doesn’t necessarily mean doing full on things every day – so no, you don’t find me bouncing on the couch to The Wiggles. I’m content to watch – it’s about finding those little gems in your day to day life that makes you and your child laugh and smile.

I would love to hear stories about how you put fun into your daily routines and duties as parents!

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Cecilia Robinson, founder of My Food Bag, and Au Pair Link, is one of New Zealand's most successful female CEOs. Cecilia's business awards include: 'Her Business Best New Business award' in 2009, 'Businesswoman of the Year 2012’, ‘Best SME 2012’ and 'Supreme Winner of the Woman of Influence Programme' in 2017.

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