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Kmart Cubby House Makeover

k-mart cubby house

Discover how to turn the $199 Kmart Cubby House into a playhouse palace fit for a princess (and prince). We inject a bit of Kiwi flavour into the Kmart Cubby House makeover craze.

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Eggshell caterpillar microgreens garden

Egg shell caterpillar microgreen garden for kids

This is a great little growing experiment that you can do with children of all ages. It’s lots of fun for a rainy day activity, there’s lots of tending to the ‘garden’ involved, and your children will learn a lot about growing plants. Check out our quirky eggshell caterpillar microgreens garden.  Continue reading »

Love to learn: Mucking about in the kitchen and garden

Mucking about in the kitchen and garden

Learning comes pretty naturally to small children. Which is just as well: if learning things in infancy was treated the way learning in later life often is, they’d be so afraid of getting it wrong that most of them would never try crawling, let alone walking, or trying to talk. Continue reading »

How to make a compost oven


Christmas is a now a distant memory, you’ve rung in the New Year and relaxed yourself silly beside the beach. And now you’re home again with a month ahead before you slip back into the ebb and flow of the school year routine. Continue reading »

How to grow a giant pumpkin


Have you ever wondered how to grow a giant pumpkin for Halloween? When you think about Halloween, you instinctively think of an American celebration with carved pumpkins at the heart of it all. However, the carved pumpkin didn’t start out in America, and didn’t even start out as a pumpkin! Continue reading »

Way back when – Celebrating gardening


Back in the day our parents and grandparents were fortunate enough to live the quarter-acre dream. They had backyards big enough to have a large garden to supplement the family meals, a few fruit trees and plenty of lawn left over for active kids to romp and play until the sun went down. Continue reading »

Growing unusual veggies


In this busy modern world, cities are expanding and backyards are shrinking. Yet the desire to grow food is more pressing in the face of rising food costs and the instinctive need to give kids the freshest vegetables possible. Continue reading »

How to grow Brassicas

How to grow brassicas

Brassicas. These are all the good green favourites that as a kid you were made to eat because they were good for you, and if you were lucky it wasn’t boiled to a grey mush. We are talking about broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and the uber trendy kale. Continue reading »

Plant, eat and repeat: How to grow salad in the heat

How to grow salad

In the life of a garden it always feels like you are in the middle of something, the middle of a season, weeding, watering or harvesting.  But rarely anywhere near the end of gardening.  There was a definitive beginning when the decision was made to pick up a spade and turn the earth in order to grow your own food.  Since that time the gardener finds themselves in a constant cycle of tasks and chores. Continue reading »

Reducing the nasties in your diet

Reducing the nasties in your diet

The New Year is always a time for resolutions and the chance for change. Sometimes (if not most of the time) we go for the grand gesture, only to give up in despair a few weeks or months later when it proves too hard. So maybe it’s better to try for smaller things, which in the end might add up to being quite big things after all.

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