Autumn is an awesome time to explore the garden with your kids! It’s a bit cooler and there’s lots happening. My 4 year old is currently obsessed with the idea of the seasons and she is fascinated by the idea that they go around… and around… and around! The holidays are a good opportunity to see nature in action.

The weather can be pretty variable in Autumn but don’t let that put you off – just put on warm clothes and head out! Your garden can be fun and interesting in wet weather as well as dry and if you go out on a wet day, you’ll see things you never see when the sun shines. Getting outside on wet days can also stop you and the kids going mad inside!

So here are some garden activities you could try these holidays:

1. Sow seeds. If you like flowers, sweet peas are a great plant for this time of year. The seeds are big and their easy to grow and they give lovely colour. You’ll need to grow them next to a fence or other support so that they have something to grow up.

Growing your own food is a fantastic way to help your kids learn about the food they eat. My girls love to go foraging in the garden for edibles! Try peas and broad beans at this time of year.

Sweet peas are an easy flower to grow with kids

2. Make some garden art. Let your imagination run wild! Here’s a great webpage that shows you how to make easy cement decorations that will brighten your garden in these dark months!

Concrete mosaic art. Picture from http://nurturestore.co.uk/school-garden-ideas

3. Go on a bug hunt. Some kids LOVE bugs; others not so much but they’re absolutely fascinating  Even if you don’t know much about bugs (or even if you’re not that keen on them yourself), going on a ‘bug hunt’ in your garden can be a good way to fill in some time – especially on a rainy day when you NEED to get outside. A magnifying glass can be a useful tool if you have one but it’s not essential.

You might even like to record some of your observations about the bugs – try talking about where you find them, what they look like, what they are doing etc… Landcare Research has a fantastic section that will help you identify the bugs in your garden. Your bug hunt could also lead into some bug crafts… perhaps toilet roll spiders or newspaper worms?

Here are some more ideas for bug hunting.

Hunting worms!

So there you go – three ideas for getting out in the garden these holidays. We’d love to hear what you found in the garden!!


PS Check out some more gardening activities here.

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Rochelle is mum to three gorgeous daughters. She wishes she had more time to garden and read the newspaper in peace!

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