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Father’s Day card and badge

Fathers Day card and badge roarsome day

Holy-quacamole Father’s Day has crept up on me fast this year! I truely feel like it was just yesterday that it was the 1st of August. Time just seems to speed up when you’re a busy Mama! Continue reading »

Father’s Day subscription box gift guide


We know that all Dad really wants for Father’s Day, is a lie in with a newspaper and a cuppa. It’s always nice to get Dad a little something to say thanks for all that he does for the family though. But what to get? Continue reading »

2016 Father’s Day gift ideas


We’ve rounded up an eclectic mix of 2016 Father’s Day gift ideas. We’ve selected gifts at a few different price points, so there should be something for everyone on the list. We’ve gone for some stylish treats this year too, because it’s for Dad, and he totally deserves it. Continue reading »

Cass’s Choc ‘n’ Beet Cake

Choc 'n' beet cake

Father’s Day is a time for sharing and reflecting, planning for the long summer ahead, board games and walks in the local bush. Afternoon tea for the past 3 years has been this delicious Chocolate and Beetroot cake. For us, it was about creating a moment in time which is now part of “Our Family tradition”! I hope that through the generations, this will now be passed on as “Cass’s Choc n Beet Cake” Happy eating! Continue reading »

Being a dad / being a son

Being a dad

There’s no telling some people how much parenthood will change you. My little boy is four years old now, and in this time with him – we spend most of our time together mind you – I’ve learned all that everyone tried to tell me about being a father was spot on. At the same time, I’ve learned what it means to be a son. Continue reading »

It takes a dad

Father's Day, it takes a dad

This year will be my fourth Father’s Day as a dad and my fortieth as a son. My son, affectionately named “Noodle” in my public writings, is only three. But I call this my fourth because, as I see it, the minute we found out there was a beating heart and bunch of organs gestating inside his mother, the inevitable future shaped my present into fatherhood. I started taking care of him by taking care of her, and I’ve kept at it since I quit my regular job and became a stay at home dad two months after he was born. Continue reading »

Lemon loaf for dad

lemon loaf for dad

You can’t beat a spot of DIY on Fathers Day, especially when your efforts are matched with the most delicious lemony baking smells that will wake dad up and put him in the best mood to start the day. If you’re delivering your loaf to dad simply wrap it up in baking paper and tie with a bit of string. If dad has a sweet tooth, pour your icing into an old jam jar and give it to dad to spread it over the loaf for morning or afternoon tea.

Continue reading »

Father’s Day crafts

Father's Day crafts

What better reason could there be to celebrate the wonderful dads in our families than Father’s Day? Dads come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes it’s someone other than dad who also plays this important role in our lives. Continue reading »

Father’s Day gift ideas


I don’t know about you, but I find it really tricky to think of great Father’s Day gifts. I don’t want to spend a fortune but I do want to come up with something that will be meaningful to the Dad in our family. Here are  two ideas for Father’s Day gift that might inspire you! They’re a wee bit complicated and you’ll definitely need to help younger children but I’m sure that Dad will love them 🙂 Continue reading »

Father’s Day – why bother?

Father Kissing Son

When the children’s father no longer lives with you it’s easy to excuse anything to help you forget the man who they call “Dad”.

Most divorced parents resent duplicity, and most think that making an effort for Father’s Day, to a man they don’t really care about too much is doing exactly that. More often than not, it’s also a little bit of tit-for-tat because many absent fathers forget Mother’s Day earlier in the year.

Continue reading »

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