Dad, daddy, papa, father, da, dadda… however they say it, if your kids are anything like mine they adore the man about the house!

It’s a lot of fun to get together and make something for Father’s Day, and it’s somehow that much more special to give something handmade for this kind of celebration (though if your man about the house is anything like mine, he won’t complain about a block of Whittaker’s Peanut Butter chocolate if it accompanies said handmade gift).

We’ve selected some of the coolest crafts we could find, and those that will suit a variety of age groups.  Have fun putting a smile on your dad’s face (and try to remember something for grandads/koro too!)

1. Superhero hand and footprint card

I love this print – and if you’ve got more than one child, it should be possible to add different hand/foot prints to suit.  What dad doesn’t want to know he’s their child’s superhero?  The original version uses stickers for the words, but you could simply print out a piece of paper with the words on it, or write them on – or try a canvas for an even longer lasting gift.

superman canvas cover 1

2. Father’s Day Photo Collage

This one strikes me as a great option to do annually, having your children captured at different ages and stages with what they love most about daddy right then.  You could take out last year’s print and store it away, putting this year’s in the frame – they will make wonderful keepsakes.  The step-by-step instructions show you how you can put the pictures together using Picasa.

3. Iceblock Stick Roll-up Card

Part craft, part card, this is a quick activity to engage children.  Great for school age kids who can write, this craft will result in something dad will treasure for years to come because it’s five things from your child’s heart to their dad’s.  Love!
roll up

4. Toy Car Road T-shirt

Got some clever artists in your house?  Buy dad a white shirt and draw some tracks on.  The original post would lead you to believe this would result in a ‘back rub’, but we remain unconvinced!  Should provide hours of fun though.
back rub

5. Handprints Tree Artwork

This is an easy one to put together and will look so good hanging on the wall at dad’s work.  “Strong Roots Make… Beautiful Leaves!”

6. It’s All About Dad

A set of free printables is available here for making dad the centre of attention on Father’s Day.  Download the .pdf and print it off, then you can fill out what your kids say to fun questions like ‘I think my dad is…” and “If my dad could get five minutes to do whatever he wants, he would…” – there’s also a frame for your kids to draw dad in. Lots of fun!

7. No 1 Dad Sports Can

Here’s a great little idea for using a can of Dad’s favourite beverage, whether it be beer or fizzy, and dressing it up in his favourite sport’s team kit! All you need is paper, scissors and glue, and a can. This craft card article shows an All Blacks inspired version.

I really hope you enjoy sharing a special day with Dad this Father’s Day.  To add to the celebration, you could make him this lovely lemon loaf, this chocolate beet cake or check out these other simple Father’s Day craft ideas.

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