Father’s Day always brings a smile to my face – and a little bit of happy chaos too!  Last year, my two decided to surprise Dad with a “Superhero Breakfast in Bed”.  Now, their idea of superhero food was pretty creative – think Weetbix with marmite and sprinkles.  Needless to say, Dad’s hero powers were needed to eat the whole thing, but his “best breakfast EVER” face was priceless.

It got me thinking about all the fun Father’s Day crafts we could try this year. The DIY cards with slightly wonky writing,  the lumpy clay creations…they all show how much our little ones adore their dads.  Let’s help them channel that love into some super-cute crafts that’ll go straight to Dad’s heart (and maybe even get displayed on his desk at work!).  And remember, a sneaky block of Pineapple Lumps in Dad’s lunchbox never goes astray either…

We’ve selected some of the coolest crafts we could find, and those that will suit a variety of age groups. Have fun putting a smile on your dad’s face (and try to remember something for grandads/koro too!)

1. Superhero hand and footprint card

I swear, nothing melts a dad’s heart faster than his kiddos calling him their superhero! This footprint craft is pure gold – especially if you’ve got littlies with adorably small feet.  We tried it a few years back, and let’s just say there was more paint on my daughter than on the card at first.  But by the end, we had a colourful masterpiece and Dad beamed at his “superhero sidekicks.”

The original version uses stickers for the words, but you could simply print out a piece of paper with the words on it, or write them on – or try a canvas for an even longer lasting gift.

superman canvas cover 1

2. Father’s Day Photo Collage

This perfect craft is a gift that keeps on giving! Every year, you can create a new collage showcasing your tamariki growing alongside daddy.  Imagine it – photos of them as chubby babies, then awkward toddlers, right up to their current cool-kid selves. It’s a sweet reminder of all the stages they’ve shared with dad.  Last year, we spent a cosy afternoon digging through old photos. The kids got a kick out of seeing dad’s younger haircut and how tiny they once were. We used Picasa to put it all together  (the tutorial are super easy!) Dad loved it so much, he proudly displayed it in a picture frame next to his computer.  Sometimes I catch him just staring at it, a big smile on his face. It’s become a real keepsake in our home.

3. Iceblock Stick Roll-up Card

This homemade father’s day craft is a fantastic way to capture the funny and heartwarming things kids notice about their dads. Perfect for school-aged kids, it’s all about asking them to write down five things they adore about Dad. Get ready for giggles, because some answers might be totally unexpected (“Dad’s the best at making fart noises!”) and others so incredibly sweet they might bring a tear to your eye.

We tried this diy gift a couple of year ago, and let me tell you, the answers were a riot! Between “Dad makes the best hot chocolate” and Dad’s the best at making fart noises!” my sides were hurting from laughter.  But there were also some real tearjerkers in there, like “Dad always knows how to make me feel better when I’m sad.”  We rolled up the popsicle sticks and tied them with some fancy ribbon.  The best part? When Dad first read the messages, his eyes welled up a bit.  Now, it has a permanent spot on his office pinboard, a little reminder of his awesome kiddos.roll up

4. Toy Car Road T-shirt

This one might require a bit of prep work (and some extra towels for cleanup!), but it’s guaranteed to bring on the giggles. Grab a plain white t-shirt for Dad and let your little ones go wild designing a network of roads with fabric markers.  A few years ago, we tried this with our car-obsessed toddler.  Let’s just say there were more paint-covered fingers than actual roads at first!  But by the end, we had a wearable racetrack, complete with a “mudslide” detour and a “shortcut” through the kitchen.

Did it give Dad a backrub like the original post suggests?  Let’s just say we remain unconvinced. But you know what? It provided hours of fun and Dad wore that messy masterpiece proudly for a whole week.

back rub

5. Handprints Tree Artwork

This is an easy one to put together with your preschooler and will look so good hanging on the wall at dad’s work.   “Strong Roots Make… Beautiful Leaves!” is a beautiful handprint art to capture how those little hands grow over time.

We’ve done it a few years in a row now. The first attempt was a bit chaotic – lots of squirmy giggles and paint ending up in unexpected places.  But we managed to get some adorable handprints on the canvas, added a bit of grass and wrote, “Our Family Tree” at the top. Dad hung it proudly in his office, and it always makes us smile to see how those tiny handprints have grown right alongside our kids.

6. It’s All About Dad

If you want a guaranteed chuckle, this free printable templates let you interview your kids about Dad. Get ready for some hilarious (and sometimes surprisingly insightful) answers! We did this last year, and let’s just say “Dad is best at…building pillow forts” was one of the top responses.  I loved the section where the kids could draw a picture of Dad – our superhero-loving boy turned his Dad into a cape-wearing, flying figure (not sure if Dad’s ego could handle that level of awesome!). Seeing Dad read the kids‘ answers with a mix of laughter and a few happy tears made this the easiest, most heartwarming gift eve.  Lots of fun!

7. No 1 Dad Sports Can

This one is perfect for dads who love a refreshing drink and their favorite sports team! Whether it’s a can of his go-to beer or a fizzy, grab some colored paper, scissors, and glue – this craft is a great way to turn something ordinary into a special keepsake.  Now, full disclosure, our attempt last year was a bit wonky.  Our youngest decided to cover Dad’s beloved rugby team logo in glitter and stick-on googly eyes.  Did Dad still proudly drink from that jazzed-up can? Of course! It’s become a tradition – every Father’s Day, we jazz up a new can with the latest colors, stickers, and maybe even a few pom-poms.

This father’s day card article shows an All Blacks inspired version.

Feeling inspired?

I sure hope so!   With all these some of the best ideas, we’re ready to create some truly heartwarming Father’s Day gifts.

Remember, it’s not about perfection!

A few years back, my little ones decided to decorate Dad’s work mug with colorful permanent markers.  Let’s just say it looked like a rainbow exploded on his desk! But you know what?  He still uses that mug every single day, and every time he takes a sip, I know he thinks of those tiny hands and the love that went into his slightly psychedelic cup of coffee.

So, let’s get those little hands painting, those scissors snipping, and let those giggles fill the air! Whether it’s a lopsided handprint tree or a superhero card with more glitter than paper, one thing’s for sure – it’ll be made with buckets of love. And that is what really counts.

So let’s show those awesome dads just how much they mean to us!

I really hope you enjoy sharing a special day with Dad this Father’s Day. To add to the celebration, you could make him this lovely lemon loaf, this chocolate beet cake or check out these other simple Father’s Day craft ideas.

Happy crafting, and Happy Father’s Day to all the Kiwi dads out there!

Before you go…

Bonus craft: Dad’s Favorite Things Scavenger Hunt

Want to take your Father’s Day celebrations to the next level?  Turn it into a “Dad’s Favorite Things” Scavenger Hunt!

Think of Dad’s go-to snacks, his beloved movie characters, or even his favorite comfy spot in the house. Then, create a trail of clues, with each one leading to the next treat. The final stop? Maybe a small gift, a homemade goodie, or just a heartfelt card full of love. Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day” quite like a fun adventure followed by surprises!

We did this, and let me tell you, it was a blast! We hid clues by his favorite bag of BBQ chips, under his rugby jersey, even inside his fishing tackle box. The kids giggled with every clue, and Dad played along with a twinkle in his eye. His face when he reached the final clue – a new book by his favorite author and a homemade chocolate cake? Priceless! It turned into an afternoon we’ll always remember.


  1. Brainstorm: Think about Dad’s favorites – snacks, candies, drinks, hobbies, characters, places in the house, etc.
  2. Write the Clues: Get creative! Use simple rhymes, riddles, or inside jokes. Each clue should lead to the location of the next favorite thing.
  3. End Game: Decide what the final clue will lead to. A special treat? A hidden gift? A diy trophy A heartwarming note?

Need some help getting started?  Download our free printable “Dad’s Favorite Things” Scavenger Hunt template for easy clues and ideas!

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