What better reason could there be to celebrate the wonderful dads in our families than Father’s Day? Dads come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes it’s someone other than dad who also plays this important role in our lives.

So whoever it might be for you: Dad, Koro, Grandad, Uncle or maybe a family friend let them know how much you appreciate them this Father’s Day.

The dads in our lives do all sorts of things for us, so here are some crafts you can make to say thanks.

These crafts are mostly kid-friendly but may require some help from an adult with cutting and folding. Hopefully you will have most of the things you need to make them at home too.

Happy crafting!

4 Crafty Card Ideas for Father’s Day

1.   “I love you” cardcard

Things you’ll need:

Coloured paper or colouring pencils
Glue stick
I think this card is such a cute idea and the trickiest part of this is the folding at the start, the rest is pretty simple and fun to do :). To start with you need a rectangular piece of card, mine was 13cm x 26cm. Make a fold 8cms in then do a reverse fold another 8cms in. Then all you need to do is decorate! I used a photo and coloured paper but drawing the picture on would work just as well.  The text reads ‘I love you’ on one side, and ‘This much’ on the other.

2. Shirt and Tie cardFather's Day craft

Things you’ll need:

White card
Coloured or patterned paper
Glue stick
Start with a rectangular piece of card, fold in half. Fold again just a short distance under the first fold. Open and glue between the folds (the red striped area in photo) let glue dry. While waiting for the glue to dry cut out a tie shape from the patterned paper. Once the glue is dry cut along the folds a short distance on each side then fold down to make the collar, you might need to glue them to stay in place. Stick the tie on and you’re all done.

3. Sports can


Things you’ll need:

1 can dad’s favourite soft drink

Glue stick
Coloured paper
My little boy’s daddy LOVES fizzy and rugby, this gift incorporates both – perfect! You can make it look like dad’s favourite sports top, or his favourite band if he’s not into sport. Cut the paper so it wraps around the can and glue together. Add any decorations you need and if you want to, a little tag. I made mine a rugby ball shape but you can adjust it accordingly to fit the sport – or a little guitar would look pretty cool!

4. Handy Holder

Things you’ll need:PhotoGrid_1376009000230

Empty clean tin or jar with no sharp edges – I used an apricot tin
Patterned paper
Glue stick
If your house is anything like ours, pens are always hard to find when you need one!  With this gift dad will always know where to look. You could really spoil dad and fill it with his favourite treat too – like some chocolate bars, sticks of pre-mix fancy coffee or even some brand new pens! Cut the patterned paper so it fits wrapped around the tin or jar and glue in place. Cut out the photo and glue on the tin. Easy as!

5. Roarsome Dinosaur Toy Card

Things you’ll need:

Small plastic animals
Paints and a small paint brush
A4 white thick card stock
A4 Fluro pink and green paper
Glue stick and strong craft glue
Badge clip

I decided it would be fun for the kids to paint up some plastic animal toys, turn them into a badge and put them on a card for Fathers Day. Check out the Roarsome Card and Badge craft post for the instructions, and grab the free printable to make this a quick and easy craft idea.

And for hundreds more crafting ideas, check out our School age arts and crafts section.

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