Are you trying to think up a gift from your kids to that someone special in their life, a nanna or poppa for instance. Well if you are I have a fun photo gift idea that you and your kids will love.

This DIY photo gift art mixes up a lot of fun elements for the kids to participate in. There’s a bit of brainstorming of words, some free-form painting and then the photo shoot at the end, which the kids just love.

This giant letter photo gift would make a great Fathers day and Mothers day gift. It would also be great for the grandparents, Auntys and Uncles, or simply that special someone in their life. What a great option as a Christmas gift for family too, they look great and are easy to wrap and post.

Or, create some word-art that’s just for fun and hang these on your own walls as great photos of the kids.

The first thing you’ll need to decide is what word, or phrase, you’re going to spell. Think short words, or text phrases, or even a short hashtag. Have fun with the brainstorming part.

Photo Gift Art – Giant Letters

What you need
A range of Resene test pots
A3 thick watercolour paper
A phone or camera for the photo shoot
A Marker

What to do
1. Using a marker write a letter on each piece of paper. We made two versions, one with the letter I, then I drew a heart and the letter U for I love you. And the other simply has a giant D-A-D for Dad.

2. Next have the kids paint the letters however they wish. It doesn’t matter if they go over the edge because they will be cut out. This is all about free-form painting. The idea is to let your child get creative and really make it their own. The only rule I had was to wash out their brushes inbetween different colours.

photo art gift (1)

3. When the letters are dry have your children cut them out, or help them cut them out if they’re littlies.
photo art gift (3)

4. Now find a nice backdrop outside and take the kids out for a photo shoot. Photograph them with each letter. Tell them to have fun with it, and to make fun and interesting shapes. Try and aim for 5-6 photos of each letter, or more. That way you’ll have lots of different options to choose from. Remember to tell the kids to freeze too or you will end up with a lot of blurry shots!
photo art gift (4)

5. Once you have taken the photos jump onto your favourite photo software. We love Canva (which is a free photo app) and use it relentlessly at Kiwi Families HQ. A great feature in Canva is that they have templates that lay out your photos perfectly. But you could use Photoshop, or even just Microsoft Word. Piece your favourite photos together so the giant letters spell out your word or phrase.
photo gift - Giant letters

6. Finally download your image and print it out and frame it. Alternatively if you don’t have a printer you could save them as a JPG or PDF, and have them printed out somewhere like Warehouse Stationary.

photo gift - Giant letters

I truly think these make such a special gift idea for they ones we love. They’re fun and creative and just full of each child’s personality. Nanna, poppa (or Dad) are going to love it!

If you enjoyed making this be sure to check out hundreds more crafting ideas for tweens and teens.

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Alayna lives in the Horowhenua with her husband and two beautiful children, where she runs She's a qualified primary school teacher with a passion for visual arts. Alayna's work has featured in print and online publications, you can check out her work on her website.

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