Mother’s Day is right around the corner so here are two different ways to make a Mother’s Day card that your kids will love. These would also make great thank-you cards, friendship cards, and the perfect gift for the grandparents.

For both of these cards I will show you how to use a mono print technique. This is super easy to do at home, with commonly found materials, and you can use this technique for a number of different painting activities with young ones.

Heart-themed Mother’s Day Cards to Make at Home

Mother’s Day card one – Heart Balloon

You will need
2 pieces of A4 Card Paper
Resene test pots in Candyfloss, Cloudy, Endeavour and Yeehaa
A paint brush
Plastic wrap or a plastic lunch bag
Black wool
A phone to take a photo
Wooden letters (optional)

What to do:
1. Take a photo of your child with one of their hands reached out like they are holding something. Print it out then cut around it. Depending on your child’s age you may need to do this cutting part for them.

2. Cut a heart shape out of one of your pieces of card paper, as well as a small triangle. Cut a short length of black string. And fold your second piece of A4 card in half.
mothers day card heart balloon 1

3. Paint your heart and the little triangle in Candyfloss.
mothers day card heart balloon

4. Glue the little triangle and the length of black wool to the back of the heart.

5. For the background of the card, grab a piece of plastic wrap slightly bigger that your card size. If you don’t have plastic wrap I have done this with plastic lunch bags in my art classes, which work great. And the good thing about using plastic bags is that they can just be washed and reused for other painting art projects.

6. Using Endeavour, Cloudy and Yeehaa randomly paint the plastic wrap to roughly the size or your card.
mothers day card heart balloon 3

7. Now press the front of your card down on to the painted plastic wrap, and gently rub the back of the card. This is what we call a mono print. It will transfer your paint from the plastic wrap on to the facing of your card paper, making lots of interesting textures.
mothers day card heart balloon 4

mothers day card heart balloon 5

8. Once the paint has dried glue you photo to the front of the card along with the balloon and the string. Make sure to place the string over the top of the child’s hand.
mothers day card heart balloon 7

Mother’s day card two – Heart frame

You need
1 piece of A4 Card Paper
Resene test pots I used Candyfloss, White, Wild Thing and Princess
A paint brush
Plastic wrap or a plastic lunch bag
Black Paint Pen (optional)
A phone to take a photo

What to do
1. Take a close up photo of your child.

2. Fold your A4 card in half. Then cut half a heart shape out from the folder side of the card, roughly two-thirds of the way up from the bottom.
Mother's day card two - Heart frame 1

3. Place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of your card so you know where the cut-out heart roughly sits. Then paint increasingly larger heart shapes onto the plastic wrap using a range of different colours:Mother's day card two - Heart frame 1 (2).

4. Slip the card out from underneath the plastic wrap. Before you push the card onto the painted surface of the plastic wrap, grab a piece of scrap paper to hold over the cut-out heart shape. This just stops the paint spilling through onto the inside of the card.

5. Now you can place your card, along with the scrap piece of paper, face down on top of the painted plastic wrap. Gently rub the back of the card all over to create the print, then peel the card away.
Mother's day card two - Heart frame 3

6.Once the card is dry, use your black paint pen (or Sharpie) to draw a boarder around the inside of the heart. Then glue your photo to the inside of the card.
Mother's day card two - Heart frame 5

7. If your have sticker letters, or wooden craft letters you can glue these onto the front of the card, or you can write on with a sharpie, or alternatively you can just leave it blank.

mothers day card

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts to make at home why not try our DIY concrete planter or Make your own bath salts. Or, for hundreds more craft ideas, check out our School age: Create arts and crafts section.

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Alayna lives in the Horowhenua with her husband and two beautiful children, where she runs She's a qualified primary school teacher with a passion for visual arts. Alayna's work has featured in print and online publications, you can check out her work on her website.

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