I love this art idea because you can use it to get your kids thinking about the things they are grateful for, or things they love about someone who cares for them.

This lovely art card idea also makes for a really simple gift for people we care about. It could be given as a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card, a birthday card, for someone who is unwell, a funky Valentine’s Day card, or a gift just to brighten someone’s day.

This is a really neat idea for older kids to have a go at. There’s a bit of work involved blocking out the background around the hearts that you’ll need to help younger kids with.

Also, I find writing out the message you want to include first is a good idea. That way you can refine it, and make it really heartfelt before copying your message onto the card.

Heart Art Love Letter Gift Card

You will need
Resene testpots in a range of really bright, poppy colours
A paint brush (and jar of water and paper towels for washing between colours)
Water colour paper (Kmart has them super cheap)
Washi tape
White gel pen or a silver paint pen
A black marker or paint pen
A pen
A stick to drizzle paint
A hair dryer (optional)

What to do
1. Cut your A4 water colour paper into a square and tape the edges with washi tape.
heart art

2. Using your Resene colours paint the colours randomly all over the page until there is no white showing. Be really free with this step, but try to encourage your children to wash their brushes and dry them on paper towels between each colour change. This stops the colours from becoming muddy.
Heart art letter Resene test pots 1

3. Grab a stick now and drizzle some paint over your painted page in random swirls.
Heart art love letter 1 (1)

4. If you have a hair dryer you can use it to dry off your painting before moving onto the next steps. If you don’t have one then just pop the artwork into a sunny spot to dry before the next step (you may need to leave it for an hour or two if there is no sun or hairdryer). This could be a good time to think about what your child wants to write around the edges of their card.

5. When the artwork is completely dry draw a number of hearts all over the page with the black marker or paint pen.
Heart art letter heart pen

6. Now colour in black around the outside of the hearts, leaving the colour to pop through the heart shapes.
Heart art letter colour

7. If you like you can add some squiggly lines with a white or silver paint pen in between the hearts, to break up the black a little.
Heart art letter silver

8. Now pull the washi tape off from around the edges of the card.
Heart art letter tape

9. Finally all the way around the edges write some kind and thoughtful messages about the person you are gifting it too. Or write the things you are grateful for.
Heart art love letter 1
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