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About us

Kiwi Families is brought to you by yours truly, Liz (oh and my kids Layla and Lily make the odd appearance too!).

As a mum of two, deep in the trenches of snack negotiations and mysterious sticky substances, I know firsthand the joys and challenges that come with raising little ones. My vision for Kiwi Families is to be your virtual village – a place for connecting, sharing those “OMG, is this normal?” moments, and finding the resources that make this parenting gig just a bit smoother

My project management background means I thrive on organized chaos, so expect practical tips and maybe a few sanity-saving spreadsheets along the way. Most importantly, Kiwi Families is about building a supportive community. Whether you’re here for advice, a good laugh, or just some commiseration over those 5 am wake-ups, we’ve got you covered.

With a background in project management,  I loved bringing organization and efficiency to the workplace. Now, I’m channeling that same passion into growing Kiwi Families and providing valuable resources for parents like us. I want Kiwi Families to be a place where you find inspiration, helpful tips, and a supportive community.

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About our writers

With contributors as diverse as nutritionist Dr Libby, ex-Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy, business coach Natalie Cutler-Welsh, veteran broadcaster Mark Leishman and 2014 Next Businesswoman of the Year Cecilia Robinson, just to name a few; Kiwi Families delivers expert advice to parents from pre-conception all the way through to teens.

New Zealand is ranked 8th on the World Happiness Index, 7th on the Best Education Systems list and 10th on the UN’s Quality of Life Index. Kiwi’s are some of the most happy, healthy and well-educated people in the world. And Kiwi Families brings you some of the best New Zealand thought leaders to help your family become happy, healthy and well-rounded too.

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About our community

We’re in this together. By growing great families together, we grow a great community together. And it really does take a community to raise a child. So know that you’re not alone, and that there’s thousands of parents out there just like you. We all have the same fears, and enjoy the same successes. So ask our experts anything you want, and share your family journey on our Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages.

We read, and reply, to almost everything. So reach out and help us to build a great community of parents, and let’s enjoy this crazy ride together!

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