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Nutrition guidelines for preconception and heathy pregnancy

For many women, preconception nutrition is not considered unless they have a related health issue or are consciously planning for a healthy pregnancy. Once pregnant, focus is altered to planning for arrival of baby, so post-conception nutrition can be an afterthought, yet remains vitally important throughout pregnancy.

Heartburn in Pregnancy

Heartburn in pregnancy is a very, very common complaint and effects most women during pregnancy at some point. Some women experience quite severe heartburn during pregnancy.

Iron requirements increase in pregnancy due to the needs of the growing baby and the mother’s increased blood volume. Iron requirements are even higher in the third trimester,…

Calcium – an essential nutrient in pregnancy Calcium is important for bone strength. Generally, the calcium needs of the baby during pregnancy are met through the mother absorbing…

During pregnancy the altered hormone levels (increased progesterone) affects gut function and this can result in constipation for some people.