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Why Advertise With Us?

Kiwi Families is the most trusted parenting site in New Zealand.

We’ve been delivering quality content to New Zealand, and the world, for over 10 years. Kiwi Families¬†has featured on radio, in newspapers, on national television and in a range of national magazines. Our comprehensive content, wide range of expert contributors and¬†high level of community engagement¬†keep¬†traffic flowing to the site.

The website continues to grow. We’re currently on track for year on year growth of 10% in sessions, and 20% in pageviews.

In 2015 we averaged 110,000 monthly sessions. Our strong content, and SEO strategy, saw 76% of our traffic come from organic search. With an average session duration of 1:17s, and an average 3.1 pages per session, we know our community reads more of our content. With an average 45,000 monthly engagements on social, we know our community is highly engaged with our content.

We reach a targeted, niche market, in the important lifestyle and parenting categories.

If your target market is Kiwi families then you won’t find a better place to advertise your business.

For more information, check out our media kit.

At Kiwi Families we offer a wide range of advertising choices:

  • Premium Directory Listings – present your business contact details, and short brand story, to a community actively seeking information on new products and services
  • Banner Advertising – high profile advertising featured on our topical information pages
  • Newsletter advertising – with over 25,000 subscribers, the Kiwi Families weekly broadcast EDM¬†is a great place to spread the message about your business
  • Electronic Direct Mail advertising
  • Product reviews, Competitions, Special offers
  • Social media – including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

We love to work with directly with advertisers and develop creative solutions to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you reach your goals.

Standards for Advertisers

The primary objective of this site is to provide independent advice and unbiased information.

As our focus is on providing information and advice, advertisements must enhance this service, not detract from it.

For this reason, all advertisements must relate to the text on the page on which they appear, so that the advertisements support the content of the article.

In addition, there are some fundamental standards that we set for all advertisers.

Advertisers must:

  • Be¬†a strategic fit with our Kiwi Families community;
  • Be reputable, in terms of products and services offered; and
  • Provide perceived value and benefit to the Kiwi Families community.


Our full rate card is available to advertising agencies on request. Our published rates are subject to review each month as our website traffic increases. All 12-month packages purchased before any price changes will remain on the original rates until the completion of their term. Significant discounts to our rate card can be achieved by working with us on multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Making Contact

To advertise with us or obtain further information, please contact us.


We look forward to helping your reach a great audience of Kiwi families.

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