Toddler Gear & Toys

sale clothing

Occasionally figures are published regarding how much it costs to raise children. The costs are often eye-watering! One of the major costs for kids is clothes. But clothing…

Every year children are seen at emergency departments with injuries caused by toys they’ve just received as Christmas presents. 

Science toys for kids

Science and nature toys encourage your child to explore their world. More than just chemistry sets, science and nature toys are about exploration, problem solving, responsibility and wonderment.…

sand pit outdoor play

Playing outdoors is a part of what makes kiwi kids special, and there are some great outdoor toys available. This guide to outdoor toys will help you find…

Buying school bags is about more than just the way they look.  We cover some of the more serious aspects of buying a school bag in our School…

Car seats and capsules

This article outlines the main options for car seats for babies and children in New Zealand. Safety issues and costs of car seats are also discussed.