Health & Wellbeing for Toddlers

Head lice

“They are not airplanes!!,” my six year old yelled. Followed by, “They are not pteradactyls.” And a fit of giggles. He knows he’s funny. Isaac is happily wiggling…

Children brushing teeth

Oral health affects not only general health – it has an influence on social and psychological factors, influencing self-esteem, the way people look, speak and socialise. Disorders of…

Eating to build Immunity

Building immunity is vital as we are all more susceptible to colds and flu in the winter – building your immunity can help you to stay well.

Children need iron in their diet. Read about iron for children — child requirements, types of iron, causes & symptoms of iron deficiency, iron absorption, anemia, how to…

food for sick kids

This article contains advice and nutritional tips for you to help your sick child back to a full recovery through food and drink.

Ensuring your child is drinking adequate fluids is very important. So is choosing the right type of fluid! Here is some great information for NZ families on drinking…