baked oatmeal breakfast recipe

This baked oatmeal breakfast can be made and served with almond or other plant-based milks if you prefer, and is considerably less sugary than many breakfast cereals (including granola). 

Blueberry sauce

This blueberry sauce recipe is perfect to make after taking the family out blueberry picking. Most of the antioxidant goodness of the blueberries is retained in this sauce. Making…

Oat Pancakes Recipe

Pancakes continue to be the popular choice for ‘special’ breakfasts at our place (birthdays, Father’s Day, etc.). Bagels are pretty popular, and croissants come and go. But the good…


This easy-as-pie lemon curd was Jon Toogood’s Mum’s recipe, and she got it from her mum. I always loved it as a child. I know there’s lots of…