Health & Wellbeing for Teenagers


This article explains the cause of cold sores, how to prevent the spread of them and the treatment available for cold sores in New Zealand today.

Eating to build Immunity

Building immunity is vital as we are all more susceptible to colds and flu in the winter – building your immunity can help you to stay well.

The majority of smokers try quitting smoking and yet many fail – here are some tips for smokers and their families to successfully quit smoking.

Smoking is widely practised around the world. Find out about tobacco smoking and why so many people — adults, parents and teenagers alike — smoke, despite the known…

Dance parties and drugs are often linked together. Make sure you know about the effects of drugs before taking any chances at dance parties.

Class A Drugs, such as heroin and methamphetamine, get a lot of press. Why are class A drugs so dangerous and what do parents and teenagers need to…

Cannabis is the third most widely used recreational drug in New Zealand. Read more about the effects of cannabis and tips for safety in teenage years. Cannabis is…

Alcohol at parties can be great fun, but alcohol at parties can also spell disaster. Here are some great tips for your parties.

Alcohol is readily available among teenagers and pre-teens in New Zealand. For NZ parents we overview some key facts on the abuse of alcohol and the effects of alcohol on…

Children need iron in their diet. Read about iron for children — child requirements, types of iron, causes & symptoms of iron deficiency, iron absorption, anemia, how to…

food for sick kids

This article contains advice and nutritional tips for you to help your sick child back to a full recovery through food and drink.