Wondering whether you’re pregnant? Our free online pregnancy quiz can help! While we can’t produce a virtual reality one just yet, we have put together a free online pregnancy test covering 12 common pregnancy signs. This should give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you’re pregnant.

This quiz is useful for women who are asking themselves questions like:

  • My period is late – am I pregnant?
  • I had a negative pregnancy test result – but could I still be pregnant?
  • I think I might be pregnant – should I buy a pregnancy test kit?
  • I think I’m pregnant – what should I do?

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Can I Tell if I am Pregnant?

The first sign that you’re pregnant is usually that your period is late. For some women they feel different immediately – they may feel tired, or their breasts feel tingly and swollen.

But for others, they have few or no symptoms at all initially. And it isn’t until the third trimester when they really notice a lot of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Which just goes to show, that we’re all different, all our bodies are different, and every pregnancy is different too!

Some women also have an erratic menstrual cycle, or pay no attention to it, so they can be a few weeks or months pregnant before they realise.

In this case, and especially if you are trying to get pregnant, it’s very important to be aware of your nutritional intact, which is so important during your pregnancy.

Confirming a Pregnancy

Your pregnancy can be 100% confirmed by a simple test that can be purchased at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

These tests have absorbent sticks that test your urine.  You can either hold the tester under your flow of urine whilst you’re on the toilet, or collect some urine in a container and dip the stick into that.

The tester will detect human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a hormone of pregnancy, in your urine if you are pregnant.

Most pregnancy testers can be used from the day that your period is due. Some tests, however, can detect a pregnancy from 4 days before your period is due.

Pregnancy Due Date

If your pregnancy is confirmed, either by a home pregnancy test, or your doctor or physician, then you can easily work out your ballpark due date. This is a really exciting next step for Mums-to-be.

As every pregnancy is different, you’ll never know the exact day of birth, but a pregnancy due date calculator will help to give you a pretty good idea, certainly within a few weeks, so that you can start to prepare for the big day!

Check out our Pregnancy Due Date Calculator.

Most Accurate Am I Pregnant Quiz

Free Online Pregnancy Test-pin

Our free online pregnancy test can yield surprisingly accurate results. And we think this may be the most accurate am I pregnant quiz on the internet.

The signs and symptoms of pregnancy are very common, and at least some of the signs are experienced by most women in the early stages of pregnancy. That said, two very important caveats to note are:

  • There are lots of different reasons you could feel many of these symptoms. You can certainly feel a number of these symptoms and not be pregnant.
  • Some women remain blissfully unaware that they’re pregnant! There is a small possibility you could be pregnant and not feel any of these symptoms.

Let’s Begin Your Free Online Pregnancy Quiz

Read through the following pregnancy signs and symptoms and click on the boxes of those which apply to you.

You’ll answer questions such as:

  • Is Your Period Overdue?
  • Have You Felt Nauseous?
  • Have Your Noticed Changes?

Once you’ve completed your free online pregnancy quiz, we’ll tally your results and provide you with an instant response based on your answers.

You don’t need to provide an email address or anything like that to get your results, they’ll just be displayed at the end of the quiz. But if you are interested in more information after you take the quiz, you can sign up to our pregnancy tips.

Best of luck!

Free Online Pregnancy Quiz | Am I Pregnant?

Welcome to your Free Online Pregnancy Test

Is Your Period Overdue?Free Online Pregnancy Test | periods

Have You Felt Nauseous?Free Online Pregnancy Test | morning sickness

Have Your Nipples Changed?Free Online Pregnancy Test | darker

Do You Have Sore, or Tender, Breasts?Free Online Pregnancy Test | sore

Any Funny Tastes?Free Online Pregnancy Test | tastes

Any Strange Cravings?Free Online Pregnancy Test | cravings

Do Some Smells Make You Feel Sick?Battered fish and chips

Any Tenderness or Bloating?Free Online Pregnancy Test | bloating

Any Spotting or Light Bleeding?Free Online Pregnancy Test | spotting

Need to Pee?Free Online Pregnancy Test | urine

Feeling Tired?Free Online Pregnancy Test | tired

Any Weight Gain?Free Online Pregnancy Test | weight

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I think I might be


my back been hurting and i ben haveing pin in my bully

Jarrod Rendle

Hi, belly pains can be a sign of pregnancy. Try out the pregnancy quiz and check in on some of the other symptoms. — Kiwi Families

Portia Nkosi

Hello I last had my injection petogen last year august ever since I didn’t have my period back then it’s been 3 months I would feel like am about to see my period bt nothing is it possible to get pregnant

Jarrod Rendle

Hi there. No contraception is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy, so there is always a small chance. Even the Petogen Injection is only around 97% effective: https://www.1mg.com/drugs/petogen-150-mg-injection-126341 Hope that helps — Kiwi Families


Pregnancy test


Don’t know me pregnant getting brown discharge above so tried day time and night time

Vinita Sharma






Jarrod Rendle

Hi there. The only conclusive way to find out if you’re pregnant is to take a pregnancy test kit, or see your GP/physician to be tested. — Jarrod


I want to take a pregnancy test online without having someone sending me a email

Jarrod Rendle

Hi Chloe, you can definitely take our pregnancy test without providing any details or personal information. We do offer some further information on fertility and pregnancy advice, but it’s totally optional to sign up to. You can take the test without providing any further info. — Jarrod


I took this pregnancy quiz so I can find out if I was pregnant it said I was probably pregnant. I couldn’t believe it and I jumped around the room happily I congratulate all of you because you are going to be mom so congratulations I hope it’s a boy or a girl ‍❤️‍‍❤️‍‍


I had ipills after 2 days of unprotected sex and my period was due within 2 days of conception
Will I get my periods
I was feeling nauseous before taking the pill and tenderness of breasts but I don’t feel any now
I’m I out of this pregnancy ?

Jarrod Rendle

Are you referring to Plan B/morning after pill? In that case, you can usually take it for at least a few days after sex, so 2 days should be fine. I wouldn’t be too concerned. — Jarrod


Hi there, I’m lily and I’m 17, I don’t have a period due to the injection which last up to 3 months, I have had them on time. I’m experiencing being overly tired, being bloated, headaches, peeing a lot, change in moods, senses of smell which is very strong and feeling quite sick, I also have been feeling pains in my lower stomach and I can be constipated. I don’t know what to do? I don’t know if I’m pregnant, I’m worried because if a test comes back positive, this wasn’t planned

Jarrod Rendle

I assume you’re referring to the Depo injection: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/articles/depo-provera-injection/ Your symptoms are certainly many of the symptoms of pregnancy. I’d advise taking a home pregnancy test just to be sure. Best of luck — Jarrod


am i pregant

Last edited 3 years ago by aris
Jarrod Rendle

Hi there. We couldn’t know, what are your symptoms? — Jarrod

Britney Mann

Please someone help ! I’ve been having unprotected sex and and the most reason time was tonight and the later time was early last week, I’ve taken several pregnancy test over the past few days and they’ve all said negative ?? But I feel that I am, have I done it to early do you think I should wait to I miss my period?? Please could someone help x


Hi Britney, most home pregnancy test kits can be used from the day that your period is due, and they are very accurate. Some tests, can detect a pregnancy even earlier. Check out our test kits page for more details: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/articles/home-pregnancy-tests/ — Jarrod


I do not know if Im pregnant or not i had swollen an breast tenderness I had sleepless night not eating like I use to but then it all went a away I did not get my periods to 2 months then it came back heavy an then it slowed down then I had my period regularly but last month an this month is not the same last month I got it for 4 days this month was 2 days can I be pregnant an I got my periods early this month the 1st day was heavy then the second… Read more »

Jarrod Rendle

Hi there, it certainly doesn’t sound like it from your description. You cannot be pregnant and have your period at the same time. But you could always take a home pregnancy test if you’re still concerned. — Jarrod

Kayla Rohde

Hi my name is Kayla. I am 21years old. I have irregular periods but I haven’t been having them for at least a month and half. I am feeling tired. I don’t have energy I have headaches more than usual feeling dizzy and nausea I had sex with my partner on the 1st of August its the 15th I started spotting this morning and still feel nausea and don’t know what is going on?? Me and my partner had sex again on the 11th of the same month.

Maudlin Iloduba

Hi am 26 years, I had sex last month I took posting two, and I saw my period after a week, but this month’s I havnt seen my period please what could be the cause

Jarrod Rendle

Hi, it would be impossible to say based on your description. Wait to see if your next period comes and you can always take a home pregnancy test if you’re still concerned. — Jarrod


Hi! I’m 16 years old. I’ve always had irregular periods, sometimes my periods would last for more than 14 days and most of the time i dont have it for like 6 months straight. I recently had protected sex 2 weeks ago for the first time in my life. when we were having sex he took it off after and um well you know my leg. but a day later i peed the condom out. now two week later ive been getting headaches and stomach aches that lead to lets say diarrhea. I dont if im pregnant or no. i… Read more »


Hi there. The only conclusive way to find out if you’re pregnant is to take a pregnancy test kit, or see your GP/physician to be tested. I’d suggest with your very irregular periods you may want to have the test done to know for sure. — Jarrod

Deepika Negi

Hlo mam I want to know that my period was not come in July and in august month I and my bf have unprotected sex ..and next morning I take unwanted72… But my period was not come..I m so confused that I m preganat or not pls help me..


I had sex on June 25th and I have felt fine until a couple days ago. I have cramping but no bleeding. And my nipples are sore and the are around my nipples are puffy. Could that mean I am pregnant?


Hi Chelsey, cramping and sore nipples by themselves wouldn’t necessarily mean you were pregnant. It does sound like you may have missed your period though. So it could be a good idea to take a home pregnancy test to be sure. — Jarrod

Oneka Baker

My last day on my period was June 13th.I had spotting on June 15th.I didn’t have 1 in July when I was supposed to.I had sex on July 15th & my period app says my fertile period started on July 16th.Its now August 3rd & I still havent had 1.I took 2 pregnancy tests which said negative.I took the 2nd 1 on August 1st after my symptoms started(bloating,terrible cramping in pelvis area & bottom,a little pressure when I sit down,get full quick,gas,nipples are always erect,somewhat increased thirst.)Could I be pregnant even though I had negative tests?


Hi Oneka, if your periods are usually very regular, then you might consider it unusual that you’ve gone 6 weeks without a period. It’s highly unlikely that 2 pregnancy tests would be faulty. That said, there are a lot of reasons for irregular periods, from stress, to exercise, a change of diet through to medical conditions such as PCOS. If you’re concerned at all, you should take this opportunity to see your GP or physician for a general checkup. — Jarrod


My name is Sarah, I had sex on July 11th and 15th of July 2018 so this month, I have irregular periods but I missed it this month was supposed to be on the 27th, but again normal to for not getting it. I have sore breasts and nipples, crave odd food I normally ever don’t eat, always tired, feel stuffy and sniffling yet I don’t have a cold, and have to pee a lot. So I took a test a couple days ago and it was negative. Took one again today 2 days later and negative. Is it to… Read more »


Hi Sarah, definitely not too early for the pregnancy test to show an accurate result. At 2 weeks you should get an accurate result from all test kits. And 2 negative results sounds pretty conclusive. There might be an underlying condition however, so if you’re at all concerned, you should book in a check up with your GP/physician. — Jarrod


My period start on 30june and a had sex with my husband in 6th july But i m serprized becoz little spotting start in 9th july But after two dayz start blending so kindly help me or tell me what is this to is 5th day and still bleedind But not so much comming little drops now i dont under stand what is this 🙁 🙁


Hi Reema, everyone’s body is different, and it would be too difficult for us to tell based on your symptoms. You should see your GP/physician straight away though, if you’re at all concerned. — Jarrod

Michelle Huddleston

Hey guys I had a d&c March 6th had got a period April 14th to the 18th but no period for may now I’m 8 days late could I be pregnant

Hendrea Rasheed-Muhammad

Hi I’ve had my tubes tied for 14 years now I’m always had a regular period till now I’m 3 days late of my period, my breast are sore and tender I’m always got to go and pee plus my stomach is bloated I don’t know what to do. I need some help or suggestions please


Hi, so I was suppose to have my period from the 5th to the 8th of this month and instead I experienced vaginal spotting in stead of my period. I had unprotected sex a couple days after my supposed ovulation time and I’ve been experiencing vaginal spotting along with pink discharge, light cramping, breasts tenderness, headaches, acne along with constipation. Is there a chance that I might be pregnant?



Hi Sierra, a couple of days either side of your peak ovulation cycle would certainly be a conception window. However, based on your symptoms it would be difficult for us to tell, as everyone’s body is different. You might like to consider ordering a home pregnancy test kit if you’re still concerned. — Jarrod


Hello everyone, After 6 years trying to conceive I finally got pregnant 3 weeks after I contacted Dr Cantara from his website https://goo.gl/PyDhkd I am so very overwhelmed on finding this website it was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic problems but using your system I got pregnant naturally at age 44& after 2 HSGs and 4 negative IUIs including 6 induction Clomid cycles and laparscopy. God will bless you and your good work more and more. I am recommending your program to all my friends. His email: cantarasolutions@yahoo.com


Have had my period on the 23march,and it now came on the 19april and ended on the 21april.I started having abdominal cramps,headache,nausea and fatigue from 22april up till date. Am I pregnant?


Hi Seneya, it’s highly unlikely, although certainly not impossible. If you have a fairly regular menstrual cycle, then you should begin ovulating around 10-15 days after the first day of menstruation. You can always consider taking a home pregnancy test, although you should wait a few more days before taking one. — Jarrod


Hi , I’m 21 and I’ve had 2 miscarriages. And I have pcos so I don’t have a regular period and sometimes I have to take meds to help me have a period I didn’t have a period all of March and I started taking my clomid on April 4th and I ovulated on the 12-13 but I stared what they call my period in the 7th of April and I was supposed to ovulate on the 21st of April, I have been nauseous all day and I was actually vomiting all this morning and my nipples are sore and… Read more »


Hi Anna, unless the test was defective, or taken too early, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get a negative result if you’re pregnant. If you are still trying, then PCOS can make it really difficult to know when, and sometimes even if, you’re ovulating. Check out all the articles in our Fertility section for more advice: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/topic/pregnancy/infertility/ Best of luck. — Jarrod


Hi I don’t know if I can get an answer here. I had my first depo shot on March 5th also my period started on that same day. I was due for another period on April 2nd however I haven’t had any. I am now 14 days late and I am always hungry and having strange cravings. And i am peeing more frequent than usual. Can I be pregnant???


Hi Kimberly, it’s always possible! You should take a home pregnancy test if you’re concerned: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/pregnancytest — Jarrod


I am 26 last month i got my period 3rd march but now i have breast pain i get pregency please help me


Tell me

Samantha Browning

So I need some help I stopped my birth control about two month ago and we tried to conceive. After we tried i had some bleeding off and on for a few days. But I feel like it was more then spotting. Now I’m 6 days late but I took a test yesterday and it came back negative. Had a very very faint line but I’m thinking it’s the test sat too long. Can I be late because of my birth control or do you think I may be pregnant?


Hi Samantha, usually a very, very faint line means you’re very, very pregnant 🙂 ! Sometimes the line is faint because the test was taken too early, or sometimes the hcG levels are lower from having drunk a lot of water, etc. Spotting after conception is sometimes mistaken as having a period. This could also be an indication of a chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage). I’d definitely take another test in a couple of days, and you can always book in a blood test with your GP/Physician which is 100% accurate! — Jarrod


I am 14 days late but only have one breast that is tender and sore but both of my nipples are getting bigger and tender. Should I be worried if only one breast is tender


Hi hope I get a response. I have PCOS, I had a miscarriage in July and still trying to conceive. Just like the first time i miss my period. My last period ends on January 12 and no period February and I have 3 days dark spotting. I did two pregnancy test since and it is still negative. : ( I have n of signs now but I’m worried cause I had no signs the first time and I don’t want to go and am not pregnant. It breaks me down each time I c a negative test. Idk what… Read more »


Hi Moesha, after 2 negative test results it’s unlikely that you’re pregnant. Assuming the test kits were a good quality brand, and not expired, they’re very accurate. Erratic periods are one of the symptoms of PCOS, especially if you’ve come off the pill, and are use to very regular periods. So this may be the reason. It’s also possible that you had an early pregnancy loss. The good news is that although PCOS has an impact on fertility, it’s unlikely to prevent you from conceiving. The fact that you’ve had a miscarriage tells us that you do ovulate, and can… Read more »

Sadie Coe

Hi Moesha — just wanted to give you some hope. I have PCOS and was told I may not be able to have children, but through following the advice of a book from the library about fertility (I can’t remember the title, sorry, but a librarian could help you) I was able to have two children. The advice from the book was simple eg looking for cervical mucus which will show you when you’re most fertile, and using a thermometer as Jarrod has recommended (although I didn’t even do that as my cervical mucus was easy to spot). I also… Read more »


Hi Sadie, thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement to Moesha, I’m sure it will help! And thanks also for pulling me up on the alternative therapy options. You are 100% right about getting advice through a Family Planning clinic, or similar. In our case, after over 2.5 years of trying, and being diagnosed with PCOS (and getting pretty depressed about it all), we were advised to try acupuncture and Chinese natural medication, (along with the ovulation calendar/temperature-taking, mucus spotting, and some dietary and fitness changes), and we conceived in less than 6 months, so I think I’ve let my… Read more »


Hi! I was just wanting to know if anyone knew what could be possibly happening but I get my period every second Sunday of each month. Last year my periods came regularly abosolutely fine but in December, my period didn’t come till three days after it’s due date but it was only very light, I only needed to wear a liner for about two days. Now it’s January 2018 and I knew my period was due on the 14th but it didn’t come at all. That entire week I felt really exhausted and just wanted to rest every chance I… Read more »


Hi Marama, irregular periods can be a sign of all sorts of things, from diet, to stress, to exercise, and even premature menopause. I would suggest making a visit to your doctor a priority. It always pays to err on the side of caution when it comes to your body, and a checkup may be timely. — Jarrod

sarah nabbs

The first day of my last period was the 4th november 2017 im super regular exactly 30 day cycles. But its the 8th of December and I still haven’t got my period. I also threw up this afternoon. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. Did I take it too early?


I had my periods full cycle in September and had unprotected sex once on 2nd October and took a morning after pill for the very first time
and now my October periods are overdue 11 days. could I be pregnant?


Hey, it would be difficult for us to tell, as everyone’s body is different. I’d suggest you order a home pregnancy test kit if you’re still concerned. You can find out more here: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/articles/home-pregnancy-tests/ — Jarrod


Thank you for the reply. I bought the kit and it came positive now I am seeing blood from yesterday. Is there a problem?


Hi there, I wouldn’t be concerned at this point. Light spotting in the initial stages of pregnancy is very common. If it’s heavier, prolonged, or you’re at all concerned, a visit to your GP is always a good idea. You can read more on spotting here: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/articles/bleeding-in-pregnancy/ — Jarrod

Nikki Slater

I have been suffering from (hiv) disease for the last four years and had constant pain, especially in my knees. During the first year,I had faith in God that i would be healed someday.This disease started circulate all over my body and i have been taking treatment from my doctor, few weeks ago i came on search on the internet if i could get any information concerning the prevention of this disease, on my search i saw a testimony of someone who has been healed from (Hepatitis B and Cancer) by this Man Priest Aluta and she also gave the… Read more »


Every month my period has arrived on the 27th everytime but it came on 2nd of july this year so was expecting my period to come yesterday but still no sign and had no symptoms really nothing to indicate pregnancy, i currently have a 2 year old boy.


Hi Icy, I wouldn’t be too concerned if I were you. You can always try out our Free Pregnancy test online in the meantime: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/articles/free-online-pregnancy-test/ — Jarrod


I think my husband came in me and i got my period but it was so short so what could it be i mean i want to get preg…. i was and i had to get d&c done and after the procedure they said i will be getting my period not normal.one but after three periods i will have my normal cycle so after the three periods cycle i was suppose to get my normal cycle which i thought i started but lasted for 4 days which i also found out i have hpv so now i cnt be pregnant… Read more »

Judith Hernandez

I got my period on may 10 and june and July no period did a test it came out negative but my discharge is thick and white and my boobs are sour what should i do


Hi im a 18 year old female now i have been taking birth control pill on and off for a year, recently i havent be able to take my pill due to difficult circumstances and i had sex multiple times yesterday unprotected i woke up today with a wierd sensation in my lower abdomen and i thought nothing of it but as the day has progressed the pain has gotten worse and ive started to feel very sickly and extremely tired
what is happening?


Hi. Looking for advice please. I had my last menstrual cycle on 30th April 2017 which lasted 5 days. I had sexual intercourse on 6th May 2017. I’m on gederal (combined pill) & I’m on my 7 day break at the moment but no period. If I am pregnant, that means I conceived between 6th-11th May so could I have caused some damage by taking the pill until 26th May 2017?
I’m worried. I don’t have any pregnancy symptoms but my period is usually regular.


Hi Rebecca

There is very little evidence of any negative effects of taking the pill after contraception. See here for studies referring: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/pregnancy-week-by-week/expert-answers/birth-control-pills/faq-20058376. If you’re at all concerned of course you should see your GP. You could also consider taking an early pregnancy test to confirm whether or not you are pregnant: https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/articles/home-pregnancy-tests/ — Jarrod

samson reuben

for the pass 5 months I expected 4days late in each of this month what is the cause


I been 5 days late with my period, had intercourse in my fertility days. Got lighty spotting which is unual for me, then got my period overnight… Should i be concerned about pregnancy or anything


Hi Rachel, you cannot get your menstrual cycle and be pregnant, so it sounds like you’ve nothing to worry about. There is such thing as ‘spotting’ during pregnancy, which some Mother’s report as being similar to their period. But this doesn’t sound like your situation. You can always take a home pregnancy test if you’re at all worried though to confirm. — Jarrod


ok because i have read that you can. My period has been very unusual this month and i have had intercourse within my fertility days… Ive had 3 changes so far within the past 12 hours… Thanks for replying

Sara Khan

Please help me getting pregnant i have irregular period

Sabrina Cowman

Hi i dont know how to tell my man to get me a test cuz i have a dought that i may or may not be so yeah


Hi Sabrina, you can find out about home pregnancy test kits on this page https://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/articles/home-pregnancy-tests/. You may also be eligible for free testing through family planning clinics or similar. Otherwise you can see your GP to confirm whether or not you’re pregnant. — Jarrod

Bhagyashri Mane

Hii I am Bhagyashri…. My last months periods were late…..and it come after 3 days late……how much chances get pregnant in this month…. please give me the reply

Kristen Ray

I had a miscarriage 01/06. I haven’t had my period for about two months now and my belly is getting bigger and any smell of food makes me nauseous.. I need help please


Hello guys, I am 40 and wanted to have a baby.. My period is normal 3-days not missed a single.. But last Feb I missed it and light pinkish blood comes like 1 day.. That time I felt nauseous and almost fainted.. I feel like am very tired, then craving some food.I was delayed for 11 days then light period come but longer than usual now my 6 days.. But not heavy that could a panty liner. Then suddenly bit heavy.. Pls help me on this.. Thank you.. Ps, I tested 2 times but I guess too early and it… Read more »


Hi Maria, It would be difficult for us to tell, as everyone’s body is different. I’d suggest you try out our free online pregnancy test: http://www.kiwifamilies.co.nz/articles/free-online-pregnancy-test/, and perhaps order a pregnancy test kit if you’re still concerned. — Jarrod


I never thought that they will be a miracle on the internet until i came in contact with Priest Babaka,, finally i made it with the help with his spiritual power which was recommended by a lady in baby center he help before, i never believe it was real until i confirm it now because i have tried so many things to make sure i get pregnant but no luck, immediately i contact him. he did some spiritual prayers and send me a medicine which i took, i got pregnant three weeks after, and i now have a son to… Read more »

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