Free online pregnancy test | Am I pregnant?

Free online pregnancy test

Wondering whether you’re pregnant? Our free online pregnancy test can help! While we can’t produce a virtual reality one just yet, we have put together a free online pregnancy test covering 12 common pregnancy signs. This should give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you’re pregnant.

This quiz is useful for women who are asking themselves questions like:

  • My period is late – am I pregnant?
  • I had a negative pregnancy test result – but could I still be pregnant?
  • I think I might be pregnant – should I buy a pregnancy test kit?
  • I think I’m pregnant – what should I do?

Can I tell if I am pregnant?

The first sign that you’re pregnant is usually that your period is late. For some women they feel different immediately – they may feel tired, or their breasts feel tingly and swollen.

Some women have an erratic menstrual cycle, or pay no attention to it, so they can be a few weeks or months pregnant before they realise.

Confirming a pregnancy

Your pregnancy can be 100% confirmed by a simple test that can be purchased at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

These tests have absorbent sticks that test your urine.  You can either hold the tester under your flow of urine whilst you’re on the toilet, or collect some urine in a container and dip the stick into that.

The tester will detect human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a hormone of pregnancy, in your urine if you are pregnant.

Most pregnancy testers can be used from the day that your period is due. Some tests, however, can detect a pregnancy from 4 days before your period is due.

Free online pregnancy test

Our free online pregnancy test can yield surprisingly accurate results. The signs and symptoms of pregnancy are very common, and at least some of the signs are experienced by most women in the early stages of pregnancy.

The two very important caveats to note are:

  • There are lots of different reasons you could feel many of these symptoms. You can certainly feel a number of these symptoms and not be pregnant.
  • Some women remain blissfully unaware that they’re pregnant! There is a small possibility you could be pregnant and not feel any of these symptoms.

Let’s begin

Read through the following pregnancy signs and symptoms and click on the boxes of those which apply to you. We’ll tally your results and provide you with an instant response based on your answers. Best of luck.

  • If you are usually regular in your menstrual cycle and you find that your period has not come on time, you may be pregnant. Sometimes your period can be late due to stress or illness - but the later your period is, the more likely you are to be pregnant (i.e. if you have completely missed your period as it is now 4 or 5 weeks late, then you are more likely to be pregnant).

  • For many women the first sign of pregnancy is breasts that are sore, tingling, tender or uncomfortable. Your breasts can also start to increase in size very quickly, so that your bras start feeling tight.

  • Many women suffer terribly from nausea or vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy. The term "morning sickness' is not strictly accurate, as some women feel sick in the afternoon, or the evening, or all day! This symptom may vary in severity from slight nausea to non-stop vomiting.

  • As well as sore breasts, you may find that your aereola - the area around your nipples - begins to darken in colour, and may increase in size.

  • Some women complain that when they are pregnant they have a funny or strange taste in their mouth. This is sometimes described as a metallic taste and can make food or drinks that you previously liked taste unpleasant. For example, many women cannot tolerate the taste of coffee or wine when they are pregnant.

  • For some women being pregnant brings with it some unusual food cravings - perhaps for foods they don't usually like. Some common examples of pregnancy cravings are ice cream, pickles or gherkins, bananas or chocolate...or even all of the above combined!

  • If you are already feeling nauseous, you may find that there are some smells that will make you feel even worse! Some common examples include cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes, raw meat at the butchers, coffee, fatty cooking smells, some perfumes or cleaning products.

  • Some women find they have a congested feeling in their uterus (womb) or lower part of their tummy. This can be a very confusing symptom, as it can feel very much like premenstrual bloating.

  • This symptom can be really confusing, as it can appear as if your period has started. Some women experience spotting or light bleeding in early pregnancy that can look like a period, but isn't.

  • Many women find they need to pass urine frequently. They find that they are going to the toilet a lot more - which can be particularly annoying at night!

  • It is common to feel very tired during the first trimester (first 12 weeks) of your pregnancy. Many women need to go to bed early, find themselves yawning a lot, and take an afternoon nap whenever they can get one!

  • If you are more than "a little bit pregnant" - i.e. perhaps 10 to 12 weeks or more, then you may find that the waistline on your skirts and trousers is getting tight.

It's unlikely (although not impossible) that you are pregnant.

Want to know more about getting pregnant? Get the Kiwi Families 5 Day Guide to Getting Pregnant

You may be pregnant.

It's hard to say for sure, and we'd suggest taking a home pregnancy test or seeing your family doctor.

Want to know more about getting pregnant? Get the Kiwi Families 5 Day Guide to Getting Pregnant

It's quite likely that you are pregnant.

We can't say for sure, and we'd suggest taking a home pregnancy test or seeing your family doctor.

If you are pregnant our due date calculator can help work out when you might be due.

Want to know more about being pregnant? Get the Kiwi Families 5 Day Guide to Pregnancy

It's almost certain that you are pregnant.

You should take a home pregnancy test or see your family doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

If you are pregnant our due date calculator can help work out when you might be due.

Want to know more about being pregnant? Get the Kiwi Families 5 Day Guide to Pregnancy

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