Christmas is a time for giving, not a time for receiving. The magic of gifts comes from holding the thought of a person in your mind, while you think about them, and what they’d like. And handmade gifts have to be some of the most thoughtful gifts of them all. Here’s 5 handmade, and super-cute, gifts for kids to make this Christmas.

If you’re looking for some quality time with your kids this silly season, then crafting is a great way to bond together. The handmade gifts selected below cover a range of different craft materials and techniques, and are suitable for a range of friends and family to receive.

They all look beautiful, but you’ll be surprised just how easy the below are to make.

And if you’re looking for some gifts on a budget these are perfect. Or you may even want to teach your children that the value of a gift isn’t in how much you spent, but rather how much time you spent thinking of the person you gave it to.

Have a go at making your own Christmas gifts this year. You’ll find it’s lots of fun, and quite addictive. And, you’ll probably end up making some ‘prototypes’ that you keep for yourself!

5 Cute Handmade Christmas Gifts for Kids to Make

How to Make a Wheat Bag


This is a great gift for any time of year. It’s especially useful for people into sports, or for an older family member that loves gardening, but not the back pain afterwards. But they’re very useful when you’re feeling sick, or just as a winter snuggly. So really a wheat bag appeals to most people, and you can select your cotton fabric based on the person you have in mind. Find out how to make a wheat bag.

How to Make a Painted Wall Hanging


What about a beautiful wall hanging? This would be the perfect gift for an aunty or Grandma. The inspiration for this project comes from all the beautiful woven wall hangings you see around these days. But rather than creating a woven piece, this project uses paint and card to create a woven pattern look. Here’s how to make a kids painted wall hanging.

How to Make Air Dry Clay Feather Decorations

Air Dry Clay Feather Decorations

Air drying clay is a really fun material to use with kids young and old. These were actually made as a Christmas decoration for a bohemian-themed tree. Everything used to make these decorations can all be purchased from crafting stores like Spotlight, or any sort of emporiums you have near you. I think these would make the perfect gift for school friends, or even school teachers, as they’re fairly inexpensive and you can make a bunch all at once. Find out how to make air dry clay feather decorations.

How to Make an Upcycled Herb Planter


Super, super easy folks, and can be made for just a few dollars, including the soil and seedlings! But the best thing about them is kids of all ages can give this one a go. This is a gift for anyone really, just think carefully about the herbs the person receiving the planters would use. What foods do they like, do they drink herbal teas, that sort of thing. A handmade gift is truly a gift from the heart, here’s how to make an upcycled herb planter.

How to Make a Stylish Bottle Necklace

DIY bottle necklaces

These were originally intended as a Mother’s Day gift, but they have Christmas gift for Mum written all over them. They’d also make a wonderful personal Chrissy gift for a school BFF. And they can be made quite cheaply. If you have any old jewellery lying around repurpose it into a stylish new piece. The pink tassel in the picture above is an old piece of broken jewellery! Find out how to make a stylish bottle necklace.

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