The Adoption Option Trust is a national organisation which promotes adoption as a positive option for people facing an unwanted pregnancy. Read more about them here.

What is the Adoption Option Trust?

The Adoption Option Trust was started in 2005 by a group of people wanting to raise awareness of adoption practices in New Zealand. It is a national organisation which aims to

  • Promote adoption as positive choice for people facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy
  • Educate the New Zealand public about current adoption practices, especially open adoption
  • Work alongside other agencies and organisations in the adoption and pregnancy counselling field

What does the Adoption Option Trust do?

The Adoption Option Trust does not facilitate adoptions of any kind. They simply raise awareness of adoption, and help pregnant parents make an informed decision about the choices surrounding an unwanted pregnancy. Their website provides an enormous amount for information for pregnant mothers who are considering adoption, as well as information for potential adoptive families. Some of the information and services they offer include:

  • A guide to legal terms and jargon surrounding adoption
  • Information and statistics about adoption in New Zealand
  • A guide to the adoption process in New Zealand
  • Research into the effects of adoption on parent and child
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Information for birth fathers
  • True stories from birth mothers
  • True stories from adoptive parents
  • True stories from adopted children
  • Pregnancy Information
  • Links and contact information for pregnancy support agencies
  • Links to useful adoption related websites
  • A DVD outlining the Adoption Option for New Zealand parents

The Adoption Option Trust also works alongside health professionals and other agencies in the adoption field, to ensure that pregnant parents can make informed decisions.

How is the Adoption Option Trust funded?

The Adoption Option Trust is a not for profit organisation which relies on donations and fundraising.

How can I access their help?

A lot of the adoption information is available from the Adoption Option website. If you can not find the information you are looking for, you can email with your query.

How much does it cost?

It is free to access information through the Adoption Option website, however they are grateful of any donations received for the information – especially the Adoption Option DVD.

Link to Adoption Option Trust Website

The Adoption Option Trust website has an enormous information about adoption in NZ, and provides useful links for both birth parents, and families wanting to adopt.


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