What is the Aura-Soma® Colour Care System?

The Aura-Soma Colour Care System is an internationally recognised natural therapy. It is a non-intrusive, self-selective, self-empowering system that enables you to recognize yourself in a profound way through your colour choices.

Understanding how colour represents and affects our thoughts, feelings and sense of well-being is something Man has researched down through the ages. Vicky Wall, who brought the Aura-Soma Colour Care System into being in England in 1983, suggests that we each respond uniquely to colour because “we are the colours we choose and these reflect our being’s needs.”

In this sense, Aura-Soma supports our emotional and spiritual well-being, assisting us to address the cause of dis-ease within ourselves.

Aura-Soma products bring together the dynamic, living energies of light, colour, plants, crystals, essential oils and water. Whenever possible, these ingredients are certified organic and bio-dynamically grown. Aura-Soma products act to cleanse, protect, rebalance, revitalize and harmonise the energies in and around you. Some products are used directly on the skin; others are passed through the subtle energy fields around the body; still others can be used to harmonise the spaces in which you live and work.

How can the Aura-Soma® Colour Care System help my child?

Aura-Soma is safe to use beyond the initial 6 week post partum period. Very young children can benefit from using the Aura-Soma “Star Child Rescue”. A veritable “hug in a bottle”, the child rescue is applied on the skin and acts to soothe, nurture and comfort your little one. It can be useful for teething, night terrors and any emotional upset.

Children love colour and are instantly attracted to the beautiful, shimmering, jewel-like bottles of the Aura-Soma Colour Care System. Colour is a universal language and the colour combinations your children choose can speak about what is going on for them “on the inside” in a way that they may not yet be able to articulate.

The Aura-Soma Colour Care System can gently support your children through the sometimes difficult, vulnerable phases of childhood in a way that is appropriate for their age and development.

How can the Aura-Soma® Colour Care System help me?

Colour is Consciousness and the Aura-Soma Colour Care System can support you as you grow and develop your confidence as parents. During pregnancy, it can be used to support both parents and the developing life within as you each prepare to form your new family. The early months after the arrival of your precious babe are incredibly demanding on parents both physically and emotionally. Aura-Soma can support you as you endeavour to find space for yourself, with potential for:

  • Renewed energy and coping ability
  • Enhanced parent / child bond
  • Restoring the “love in the little things”
  • Self acceptance and nurturing
  • Emotional equilibrium
  • Recreating space for all the parts of your life

As your children grow and become more independent, your parenting challenges change. You may find yourself having to negotiate a different way of being in relationship with them frequently over time. The Aura-Soma Colour Care System offers you an opportunity to work consciously with your own parenting process. As you pay more attention to creating balance within yourself you will discover that the flow of unconditional love is restored and you will be better empowered to deal with parenting challenges as they arise.

What should I expect during our first visit with an Aura-Soma® Colour Care Practitioner?

During an Aura-Soma Consultation, you will be invited to select the four dual-coloured equilibrium bottles you are most attracted to from the entire range of over 100 bottles. Together with your Aura-Soma Practitioner you will unfold your own personal colour story – the significance of your colour choices relevant to your life situations. The practitioner will then assist you to choose the Aura-Soma products that can best support you to meet your unique needs. You can purchase your choice of recommended products to begin using straight away at home. A full adult consultation is likely to take about one hour.

Child Consultations follow a similar process but are shorter and the way in which the colour story is unfolded is tailored to the child’s age and developmental needs. Parents are welcome to remain for the consultation as appropriate.

How do I find a qualified Aura-Soma® Colour Care Practitioner?

The Art and Science International Academy of Colour Technologies [ASIACT] in England is the parent organization and accrediting body for Aura-Soma training. Training currently comprises four levels. Each level involves broader and more detailed instruction in the Aura-Soma Colour System. The Academy regulates the Aura-Soma Code of Practice and maintains the Aura-Soma Practitioner Register. Only those practitioners with a current practicing certificate are featured on this register, along with their level of training. To view practitioner lists for New Zealand visit www.asiact.org and click on “Diary”.

How much will Aura-Soma® Colour Care cost?

Aura-Soma Consultations are charged at the discretion of each practitioner depending on their level of skill and experience. As a guide, this may be between $60 – $80 per hour. Please note that the cost of Aura-Soma products is additional to the consultation fee. Currently Aura-Soma products in NZ fall within a recommended retail price range of $30 – $80 per product.

Two photos above: copyright Art & Science International Academy of Colour Technologies 2004.

Useful Websites

www.carolinebeazley.co.nz– Website of Caroline Beazley, Level III Aura-Soma Practitioner, based in Auckland.

An Aura-Soma website that includes a global directory of practitioners, including New Zealand.


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