Ava’s Lala Bird Party

Ava’s Lala Bird Party 11

Celebrating 1 in style! Being a huge fan of red and pink for parties, the discovery of this little Lala Bird inspired number was the highlight of my week.

Inspired by Alannah Rose’s Lala Bird party stationery range, Anita of Cake Envy created the perfect little party for birthday girl Ava’s 1st birthday.

Takeaways from the table: cover a simple box in gift wrap to match your theme, push through some holes and you have the perfect cake pop / biscuit pop stand, and, if you have space to fill at the front of the table, lay something low and flat (such as the themed chocolate bars below), across it.

Inspired by: Alannah Rose’s Lala Bird party

Party design by: Anita of Cake Envy

Ava’s Lala Bird Party






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