Having an entertainer at your child’s birthday party can make a special day even more memorable. The entertainer can be the main attraction and be present throughout most of the party, or they can be incorporated between party games or activities for a specific length of time. Whether you have little girls wanting a fairy princess to entertain them complete with butterfly face painting, or an active group of boys who need to let off some energy on a bouncy castle, entertainers can create that extra exciting magic at a party.

How much will an entertainer cost? : At what age will your child enjoy an entertainer? : What comes first? The theme or the entertainer? : How to choose an entertainer

How much will an Entertainer cost?

This will vary between entertainers and there can also be price differences between regions. Prices can start at $20 an hour for a face painter to $250 for a merry-go-round for a day. Some entertainers charge by the length of time they are booked for (i.e., by the hour) and some charge depending upon how many children will be attending the party. There are also others who simply require a flat fee.

Depending upon the services they offer, some entertainers may cost more. The hiring of a bouncy castle, for example, will usually incur a day’s hire fee, which can be considerably more than a magician booked for two hours. Rest assured somewhere out there will be an entertainer to fit your requirements, including your budget.

At what age will your child enjoy an Entertainer?

Children as young as one can enjoy simple entertainment, as long as it doesn’t carry on for too long; the benefits of using entertainers really comes into its own as children become older. Two and three year olds can enjoy clowns or storytellers as well as activities such as a mobile petting zoo. Interactive entertainers such as face painters can add an extra level of enjoyment for four year olds and older, and activities such as bouncy castles can entertain children up to their early teens. Craft-type activities tend to be a more popular option with girls than boys, and both sexes, no matter their age, enjoy watching balloons take shape, or the fun and jokes provided by a hilarious clown or magician.

What comes first: the Theme or the Entertainer?

This decision is your choice and will also be dependant upon the availability of entertainers in your area. You can build a party theme around a particular type of entertainment (e.g., a magic birthday party featuring a magician performing tricks) and theme your invitations, food, costumes and games accordingly, or you can decide upon a theme and link the entertainment to that. For example, you could plan an animal antics party for your five year old son and book a mobile farmyard to arrive with animals ready for petting and feeding.

There are also activities such as bouncy castles and rides which don’t necessarily need a theme, apart from the time-honoured birthday tradition of having fun.

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How to choose an Entertainer

Choosing an entertainer will be based on the availability and scope of entertainers in your region in NZ, your budget, your child’s preferences and interests, whether you are having the party at home or hiring a venue, if it’s an inside or outside event, and the number of children involved.

Older kids and teens may well like the element of surprise if you don’t tell them who is coming. But it’s generally wise to involve younger children in choosing the entertainer, if you want to avoid tears and disappointment on the big day (on behalf of your child … and you!).

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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