What do you get if you have kids who love macaroons, a husband who loves beer and a Mum who loves hand-made Christmas decorations? You get this bottle cap macaroons Christmas decoration craft idea!

My kids love eating Macaroons and I just love the look of them (although I can’t eat them as I’m allergic to eggs 🙁 ). But these ones are just all about the fun of making them.

Macaroons just scream fun and festivity to me. So what better decoration to create for your Christmas tree than a Macaroon-inspired one.

Bottle Cap Macaroons Christmas Decorations

What you need
Bottle tops
Resene FX Fluoro paints in pink, blue and yellow
Resene test pot in white
Resene Pro Projects quick dry primer undercoat
Hot glue gun and glue

What to do:
1. Using the Pro Projects quick dry primer paint from Resene, paint all your bottle tops with it and set aside to dry.
Christmas macaroons Resene fluoro (1)

2. You could easily buy similar pastel colours to these in the Resene test pot range. But colour mixing is always lots of fun. So I have made this lovely pastel palette, by mixing the FX Fluoro range with white. First I mixed the pink and white to make a light pink.

Christmas macaroons Resene fluoro

3. Next, I mixed a dash of FX Fluoro Blue to the pink to create a light purple. I also made a light blue by adding a little of the white directly to the Fluoro Blue, and a light yellow in the same way.
Christmas macaroons Resene quick dry (1)

4. Paint two bottle caps in each colour. Once the Paint is dry,cut a piece of string, tie a knot in the end, and hot glue it to the inside of one of the bottle tops. Little hands will need some adult help as it is a bit fiddly.

Christmas macaroons glue ribbon

5. Now glue around the outside of your bottle top, and then stick to bottle tops of the same colour together.
Christmas macaroons glue (1)

6. Now add a small bead of glue right around the centre where the two bottle caps meet. Then dip it into the glitter making sure to get all the edges. We placed our glitter into cupcake holders to make this easy. We used a range of glitter colours to match the colour of the macaroon.
Christmas macaroons glue (2)

7. The last step is to hang your bottle cap macaroon Christmas tree decorations on your tree.
Christmas macaroons

For more Christmas fun be sure to check out our other Christmas craft posts.

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