If you’re looking for a super-quirky Christmas decoration project, this one is for you. These candy cane wooden Santa’s are so much fun. You can just rest them on a bookshelf, or use them as part of a Christmas table decoration. They add height and interest, and will definitely be a talking point!

I think this silly season I’ve done my dash on Christmas crafts (you know ‘dashing’ through the snow!). Over the last few weeks I have created a whole range of air dry clay decorations, wooden Christmas angels, and Christmas trees, and now these fun and quirky candy cane wooden Santas.

I’ve had so much fun working on these projects with my kids. It’s given us some real, close up family time, amid the chaos of December! And of course we have some quirky gifts to give to friends, and some real interest in our lounge and dining area where some of these are displayed. In a way, these Christmas crafts have helped to make it feel more Christmas-y.

My next focus is going to be on some Christmas baking and gift making for those I love. There’s just something extra special about a hand-made, or hand-baked gift, I really feel it comes from the heart!

Candy cane wooden Santa

You will need
Resene test pots in Glitterbug, Dutch White, Half Alabaster
Resene Quick Dry Primer (optional)
Masking tape
A candy cane
Strong craft glue
Black Sharpie
Red coloured pencil
Wool or cotton wool
Christmas coloured string
A red small pompom

What to do

1. Draw a long, thin triangle shape onto your plywood and cut it out with the jigsaw. Use some light sandpaper to sand down the rough edges.

2. If you are using a primer apply it now to your Santa. I didn’t have any primer left for this project, so I just used 2 coats of the Dutch White all over, which sealed the plywood well.

3. Tape off the hat, just above the halfway mark, and draw in the shape of Santas face and beard with the coloured pencil. You can see this in the image below:
Candy cane wooden Santa tape and face

4. Now give your Santa 2 coats of the Glitterbug, making sure that you let each coat dry completely, before applying the second.

Candy cane wooden Santa resene glitterbug

5.Once all the paint is dry, glue on your small red pompom for the nose, some wool or cotton wool for a moustache and a little more wool for the trim around the hat. Again, the image below shows how this could look:
Candy cane wooden Santa wool

6. Use the black sharpie to draw in the eyes and mouth and colour two red circles for the cheeks with the red coloured pencil. Thin shapes work well for this, but so would small dots, and other shapes. Just have a play on some paper before you apply to your Santa.
Candy cane wooden Santa face

7. lastly tie a piece of string, or twine around your Santa and attach a candy cane.
Candy cane wooden Santa 1

And that’s it, you have a fun and quirky candy cane wooden Santa to decorate your house with. If you go all out and make 3 Santas, you can adjust the height and width of them for interest, and give each one a different expression. I’m not sure about you, but I literally can’t look at these Santas without smiling, they’re just so fun. You know art and craft has landed well when it brings you an emotion!

For hundreds more crafting ideas, including lots more Christmas craft ideas, check out our Creative arts and crafts section.

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