Cactus are so cool! They’re like mini trees that can live in your house. My Mum and I made cactus stationery holders and they’re so much fun!

They were really easy to make. I love my cactus stationery holder because it’s a great way to keep my desk organised. I put all my felts and paint pens and brushes in it. It’s also really cute and makes me smile when I see it.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy project to do, I highly recommend making cactus stationery holders for your desk. They’re useful and cute, and you’ll have a lot of fun making them.

See you later!

You will need

3 cardboard rolls or toilet rolls
Resene test pots in Fringy Flower and Gold Dust
Black sharpie or paint pens
Strong glue or a hot glue gun
A square of strong cardboard for the base
Extra card for the cactus arms

What to do

    1. Paint the cardboard or toilet rolls completely in Resene Fringy Flower. Wait for the first coat to dry, then paint a second coat to get good colour.
    1. Cactus Stationery Organiser-Painting rollsCut out 3-5 small L-shaped cactus arms with rounded ends from the stiff card. Paint in the same colour as the cardboard rolls.
    1. Cactus Stationery Organiser-ArmsPaint the cardboard base in your favourite base colours, we used Resene Gold Dust. Leave to dry.
    2. Use your paint pens or sharpies to draw small flicks on the rolls for cactus spines. And draw a cute face onto each.

Cactus Stationery Organiser-Cactus fun face

  1. Arrange the cardboard rolls where you want them to sit on the cardboard base. Then use the hot glue gun to glue the rolls firmly to the base.
  2. Decide where you want the cactus arms to sit. Fold a small piece of one end of the arm to create a tab, and glue the tab to the cardboard roll.

Cardboard Roll Cactus Stationery Organiser-Pin

Now fill your stationery organiser with your favourite pens, pencils, felts and other stationery items, and display with pride on your computer desk.

Optional: You can add other decorations to your cactus pencil holder, such as glitter, pom poms, or beads.

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