I don’t know about you, but we always have cardboard tubes lying around the house. Be it toilet rolls or paper towel rolls. And often I find them in unusual places as the kids have been using them for swords, telescopes, tubes to send cars down… and other random activities they can imagine the humble roll into.

After making a Shoebox car park for the kids this month I thought a complementary craft would be a little racing car and why not use a cardboard tube to create it.

Cardboard Roll Race Car Craft

What you need
Cardboard roll the size of the toilet roll
Thin cardboard for the wheels (you can just use an old cereal box)
split pins
Resene test pot in Chaos
A black Marker
A white marker or some tinfoil for the front window

What to do

1. Cut out a small hole in the middle of your roll. Make sure you keep one side attached as it will be bent up to make the front window screen. See image below.
Toilet Roll Racing Car Craft

2. Paint your cardboard roll with Resene Chaos.
Toilet Roll Racing Car Craft Resene Colour

3. Once your paint is dry you can either use a white paint pen to colour in the front window, or if you have tinfoil (we don’t use it in our house) you could cut a small piece out, and glue it onto the front as shiny window.

Toilet Roll Racing Car Craft window

4. Use a black marker to decorate your car. I drew a lightening bolt because my son loves lightening and the number 5 because he’s 5.

5. Grab your thin cardboard and cut out 4 wheels about the size of a $2 coin. Use your marker to colour a black ring around the edge. Then push a split pin through the middle of your wheel.

Toilet Roll Racing Car Craft split pin

6. To push the wheels in to the cardboard tube I used a small nail to first punch a hole into the roll before pushing the split pin through.

Toilet Roll Racing Car Craft nail

7. Last of all find a character to add into your car and get playing!

toilet roll racing car

If you enjoyed making this craft please check out our other cardboard roll crafts or for hundreds more crafting ideas, check out our Creative arts and crafts section.

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