Christmas tree decorations, hoop style!

tree decoration hoop

This craft activity is one to get the children involved with. Ask young children to draw something to do with Christmas: Santa, baby Jesus, an angel etc. Older children would be able to do this craft by themselves. I helped my son draw a little Santa for our one and it looks adorable!¬† It’s a great idea to do one of these each year with each child, and you can see the changes through the years in what they have produced displayed in a splendid array on your Christmas tree.

Things you will need:tree decoration craft

Embroidery hoop (I chose the smallest size – these are available at craft stores and are inexpensive)
Some plain coloured fabric (I bought mine from Spotlight – it was only $5 a metre and I only bought 25cm)
Different colours of thread

What to do:

1. Lightly draw the picture on your fabric.
2. Sew over the lines of the picture using the needle and thread.
3. I used some coloured fabric for the body and hat of mine – cut it to fit approximately where the lines go, lay the fabric over and sew around the edges – it doesn’t have to be too neat!
4. Place finished picture in embroidery hoop and tighten. I covered the back of mine with a similar sized piece of stripy fabric so the back of the sewing couldn’t be seen.
5. Cut any excess fabric off and tie a piece of ribbon on to hang on your tree.  Adorable!


These mini Christmas stockings are also a great outlet for your Christmas crafting creativity!

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