This little colourful terracotta plant pot will brighten up any corner of the garden or home. These can be made for both inside or outside display. They also make great gifts and children of any age can construct them.

Colourful Terracotta Plant Pot

You will need
4 small terracotta pots (you can really do this with any size pots you like)
Resene test pots in Half Turbo, Snap, Irresistible, and Funtasia
Paint brush
Heavy duty glue (I used Gorilla Grip from Mitre 10)

What to do
1. Paint each of your pots separately in Resene Half Turbo, Snap, Irresistible, and Funtasia. You will need at least two coats for a good pop of colour.

2. Once your paint is fully dry, you can start gluing them together. Decide on the order you would like the colours to go. In my version, from the bottom, I used Funtasia, Half Turbo, Irresistible and then Snap on top.

3. Glue the first two pots together. These are the bottom-most pots. Turn one pot upside-down, so you should be gluing the two bottoms together. Once they are glued together and firm, about 10 minutes, place some small rocks into the top pot before you glue the rest on (I found this gives the plant pot some weight towards the bottom, and really helps to give it some stability).

Just as a side note if you are going to use your plant pot inside, you could glue them together using a good quality hot glue, or craft adhesive. But if they’ll go outside, then for longevity I would suggest a good quality adhesive like Gorilla Grip. Adults might need to help here depending on the glue you use.

Colourful Terracotta Pot Plant Stand stones

4. Now glue the remaining two pots together. Again, you’ll be gluing the two bottoms together. Wait until the glue has set, around 10 minutes, before you glue the 2-pot stacks together. And this time you’ll glue the two middle pots together, and you’ll be gluing their tops, like the picture below.

Colourful Terracotta Pot Plant Stand glued together

5. Allow the the glue to dry fully now. How long this takes will depend of the type of glue you are using.

6. Once your glue is dry, fill the top pot with good quality potting mix, and pot up your favourite plant. In my case, I just took a cutting from my one of my Mum’s succulents, which are dead easy to grow! Colourful Terracotta Pot Plant Stand succulent

7. Make sure to give your plant a little water then find the perfect spot for your bright and fun creation.

Colourful Terracotta Pot Plant Stand succulent

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