This could be the perfect little back-to-school craft for your tamariki. I think this DIY painted canvas pencil case project is sure to be a hit!

Crafting is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your kids and get those creative juices flowing. This project is great for kids of all ages and skill levels, as it allows them to mix their imagination and personality. I’ve gone for a geometric shape and print idea, with bright colours, but that’s just what I like. You can paint and create whatever you like in this project. The more individual the better.

And if you want to test out concepts before you paint onto the pencil case. Just trace the pencil case shape onto a piece of scrap paper a couple of times, and test out your paint ideas on that before you start.

This pencil case project is perfect for a fun afternoon activity or a weekend project. Your tamariki will love being able to choose their own colors and designs, and will have a blast showing off their new creations when they get to school.

DIY Painted Pencil Case

DIY Painted Pencil Case materials (1)You will need
A canvas pencil case (I got mine from Spotlight, but many craft stores and dollar stores stock them)
Resene test pots in Irresistible, Snap, Freelance and White
Washi Tape
Paint Brush
An animal print stencil (these can be found at most craft shops)

What to do
1. Tape a design onto both sides of your pencil case

DIY Painted Pencil Case - tape

2. Paint the spaces in the colour order you like best, then set aside to dry before doing the other side. It will need at least two coats of paint, but three is even better to get nice bold colours.

DIY Painted Pencil Case - Resene test pots

3. When the pencil case is dry, use your stencil to paint on the animal print. I chose to do the animal print only on the teal colour (Freelance), to create some visual interest. Remember to do the other side when the paint is dry too.

DIY Painted Pencil Case - stencil

4. Now just peel off the Washi tape to reveal your individual masterpiece!

DIY Painted Pencil Case - finished

Lastly fill it will all your pens and pencils, ready for the school year, or to use as your own art supplies case. If you enjoyed making this craft be sure to check out our other fun activities here.

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Alayna lives in the Horowhenua with her husband and two beautiful children, where she runs She's a qualified primary school teacher with a passion for visual arts. Alayna's work has featured in print and online publications, you can check out her work on her website.

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