As the weather gets colder outside, we’re constantly searching for fun and colourful activities to brighten up our days. That’s why we thought it would be the perfect time to embark on a delightful project of creating easy flowers in a collage jug using stamping and printing techniques.

This activity will not only add a pop of brightness to your home but also provide an opportunity for you and your children to explore your artistic sides together.

It was lots of fun getting around the table with the kids on this one, it can be quite meditative stamping and printing. And bringing a joyful bouquet of flowers to life in a charming jug, is such an easy and pleasing final result.

So chase away the winter blues with a burst of autumnal creativity!

Easy Flower Pot Stamp Painting

What you need
2 pieces of square brown paper or you could cut up and use a brown paper shopping bag.
A white piece of A4 paper
Resene test pots in Yes Please, Ballerina and Moon Yellow
A green marker
Cotton earbuds and lego bricks for stamping

What to do:

1. On a Brown piece of paper draw a jug shape out then cut it out.

flower pot painting art- jug cut

2. Grab another brown square of paper, glue on an A4 piece of white paper and then glue on your jug.

flower pot painting art- glue

3.Using a marker draw on some stems coming out of the Jug.

flower pot painting art- pen

4. With a cotton bud use a range of colours to add different shape petals around the stems.

flower pot painting art- Resene pink and yes please (1)

5. Continue adding flowers and stems until you are happy with how many flowers you have.

flower pot painting art- Resene pink and yes please (2)

6. Use Resene Ballerina and a cotton bud to add some dots to your jug.

flower pot painting art- resene ballerina spots

7. Lastly use some Lego or Duplo blocks to print around the edge of the your picture.

flower pot painting art- brick print

If you’re on the hunt for more dynamic and lively activities to engage in with your kids, be sure to explore our Arts and crafts-School age section. The collection features a variety of enjoyable and stimulating crafts that are certain to captivate your kids while nurturing their creative abilities.

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